Kinglight Driver IC Integrated LEDs for Transparent LED Display (I)
Optronics Industry | 2024-06-04

Transparent LED displays, unlike common LED screens, they provide a unique view of visual contents in high transparency, make them like floating in the air, and create a special see-through experience of the behind screen scenes. Transparent LED displays, with their unique features, become irreplaceable solutions for exceptional visuals in specific application scenarios. And you might be quite familiar with transparent LED display. But here in this article, we’ll go deeper into the behind heroes, which contribute the utmost for the construction of transparent LED displays. They are the Kinglight driver IC integrated LEDs. So why they are named as IC series? What unique features do they provide as a special series dedicated for transparent LED displays? Let’s move to the following paragraphs to get a complete understanding of Kinglight driver IC integrated LEDs.

Transparent LED Film

Transparent LED film is a common type of transparent LED display and can be widely seen on glass curtain walls of shopping malls.


What are driver IC integrated LEDs?


To understand Kinglight driver IC integrated LEDs better, let’s first explain what are driver IC integrated LEDs.


Driver IC integrated LEDs, just as the name says, are LEDs (for displays) packaged with driver ICs integrated into the module.


IC integrated LEDs simplify wire connections inside the device, hence a less blocking of light and an improved transparency for transparent LED displays.


Kinglight driver IC integrated LEDs


Kinglight IC series, indicating driver IC being integrated, now includes the 1515-IC and 2222-IC LEDs. Both of them come in different frames, white and black. White ones are for higher brightness, and black ones are for improved contrast ratio.


The 1515-IC LEDs measure 1.5*1.5*0.95mm and are suitable for P1.875 to P3.91 transparent LED displays; and the 2222-IC LEDs are a little larger with a dimension of 2.2*2.2*1.05mm, and are suitable for P3.91 to P10 transparent LED displays.



Basic features of Kinglight driver IC integrated LEDs


As a leading LED packaging company in China, Kinglight has always adhered to the concept of quality first and insists on using high-quality raw materials to ensure the performance and durability of the LEDs; so do the IC series LEDs.


Let’s take a closer look at what we use to make reliable and durable Kinglight driver IC integrated LEDs.


  1. Frame


The frames for Kinglight driver IC integrated LEDs are made of pure copper for better heat dissipation and a prolonged service life.


In addition, the frames are packaged with imported full raw PPA for enhanced sealing, mechanical strength and anti-aging performance.


  1. IC / LED Chip


Kinglight driver IC integrated LEDs utilize driver ICs and large LED chips from top brands to ensure the quality and reliable performance. Also to mention, the LED chips have gold poles for stable electric connections.


  1. High purity gold wire


Kinglight driver IC integrated LEDs utilize thick 99.99% gold wires for stable internal electric connections; also introduce enhanced designs for more reliable connections between LED chips and gold wires, hence increased stability of the LEDs.


  1. Imported glue


Kinglight driver IC integrated LEDs are packaged with imported glue for comprehensively enhanced sealing, temperature resistant and anti-ultraviolet aging performance.


Also to note, the above mentioned are the features of 2222-IC LEDs; the 1515-IC LEDs have slight differences in two aspects as below.


  1. Kinglight 1515-IC LEDs utilize imported substrates with stable performance and good consistency; their surfaces adopt electroplating process to ensure that the welding wire is firm and reliable; the surface has a gold-plated protective layer to effectively prevent surface oxidation.


  1. Kinglight 1515-IC LEDs are packaged with imported solid glues, which not only ensure the sealing, but also has excellent high temperature aging resistance.


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