Kinglight Driver IC Integrated LEDs for Transparent LED Display (II)
Optronics Industry | 2024-06-05

In previous article, we have introduced some basic information about Kinglight driver IC integrated LEDs, including their specifications, and some important features like the components and materials used during the manufacturing of these LEDs . Here we’ll explore more about the performances and features over the LEDs and the driver ICs of Kinglight driver IC integrated LEDs.

Transparent LED Film-2

Transparent LED film is a common type of transparent LED display which is oftenly seen on glass guardrails and walls.


Performance of Kinglight IC integrated LEDs


Beyond the previously mentioned advantages brought by the high quality raw materials, Kinglight IC integrated LEDs also have other  of the above-mentioned product raw materials, what performance characteristics do the lamp beads of the Kinglight IC series of LED display devices have?


  1. Matte finish


Both Kinglight 1515-IC and 2222-IC LEDs utilize matte finish to prevent light reflecting from happening. While 2222-IC adopts matte finish only on its glue surface, 1515-IC LED applies matte finish on both the glues and the modules.


  1. High brightness


Kinglight 1515-IC and 2222-IC can achieve different levels of high brightness. Taking a P3.91 transparent LED display at static drive condition, 1515-IC black and white frame versions respectively have 1,000 nits and 2,700 nits brightness; 2222-IC black and white frame versions respectively have 3,500 nits and 7,000 nits brightness.


  1. Low power consumption


It’s tested that a P3.91 transparent LED display with static drive made of Kinglight IC series LED has an average power consumption of only 300 watts per square meters and the highest power consumption under 800 watts per square meters.


  1. High contrast ratio


As mentioned above, both Kinglight 1515-IC and 2222-IC provide black frame version for improved contrast ratios, enhanced performance of high grayscale, and a much better image quality with depth and details.


Features of the driver ICs for Kinglight IC integrated LEDs


The driver ICs of Kinglight IC integrated LEDs can bring three functional gains for transparent LED displays.


  1. Break Point Continual


The driver ICs for Kinglight IC integrated LEDs support break point continual. It means when there is an malfunctional LED in a line, the output signal can utilize the backup signal line to skip over the flawed ones to the next. This makes the rest LEDs operate normally.


  1. Current gain


In addition, the driver ICs for Kinglight IC series also support current gain function. Current can be adjusted in between 0.71-12mA, which provide more options in the designing and manufacturing of transparent LED screens.


  1. High grayscale


The driver IC also supports up to 65536 levels of grayscale to ensure rich color performance of transparent LED displays.


Also to note, the above mentioned are the common features of the driver ICs for Kinglight IC series LED. In fact, Kinglight IC series have two different versions of the driver ICs. They’re the IC2 and IC3.


IC3 not only adopts the above mentioned features but also supports an unique function named as two direction signal transmission.


Two direction signal transmission means output signal can be transmitted through both directions of the LEDs. This feature brings great advantage when splice two transparent LED display panel up and down. It ensures that the light-emitting centers of the LEDs on the two panels can be aligned into straight lines, thereby improving the overall visual effect of the transparent LED display.

Kinglight Driver IC Integrated LEDs

Left: LEDs with driver IC supports only one direction signal transmission. When splice two LED panels up and down together, we need to turn one of the panels around since the controllers are fixed on one side. This leads to misalignment of light emitting centers of the LED lines.

Right: when driver ICs support two direction signal transmission, we only need to change the position of the controller. So the positions of the light-emitting centers of the LEDs don’t change. Hence we get a straight aligned display patterns of the transparent LED displays.

transparent LED display

As shown in the above picture, when splice two transparent LED panels (made of LEDs which only support one direction signal transmission) up and down together, the centers of LED pixels don’t align.


Application of transparent LED displays


Due to its unique transparent visual experience, transparent LED displays are widely used in architectural glass curtain walls, interior space partitions, and decoration of transparent surfaces such as glass guardrails and escalators. They can beautify the surrounding environment and have a good visual impact. They are one of the ideal choices for visual marketing for enterprises and brands, stores and merchants.

transparent LED display

Kinglight 1515-IC LEDs are used for transparent LED displays at booths in shopping malls.


Kinglight 2222-IC for Transparent LED Display

Kinglight 2222-IC LEDs are applied for glass curtain walls.