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Kinglight All Scenarios LEDs Shine at InfoComm 2024
News | 2024-06-15

On June 12th – 14th, InfoComm 2024, the most influential audio-visual and integrated systems exhibition in North America, was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in the United States. It attracts worldwide exhibitors of famous enterprises in audio-visual industry, and visitors from North America and all over the world. Kinglight, as a leading enterprise in LED packaging across China, brought a number of brand new all scenarios LEDs to InfoComm 2024, attracting worldwide visitors with their innovative designs. Let’s proceed to explore more about Kinglight at InfoComm 2024.

InfoComm 2024


Kinglight Showcases various new all scenarios LEDs at InfoComm 2024


As a high-tech enterprise focusing on LED packaging, Kinglight devotes great energy in innovation every year to meet the ever-changing market. At InfoComm 2024, Kinglight showcased various new LEDs, covering a wide range of application scenarios including  mini and micro-pitch displays, LED cinema screens, virtual production displays, stage rental displays, and high-end fixed displays.

Kinglight at InfoComm 2024

Kinglight at InfoComm 2024


  1. MIP LEDs


Kinglight brought a number of new mini and micro LEDs based on MIP packaging to InfoComm 2024, including the MC0404, MC0505, and MC0606, which are suitable for ultra-high-resolution LED screens covering different pixel pitches such as P0.4, P0.6, P0.9 and P1.2.

Kinglight MiP0404 LED

  1. P3 Series LEDs for Cinema Display


As the popularity of LED cinema screens increases, the market demand for LEDs featuring with wide color gamut is also increasing. To meet the demand, Kinglight has developed the P3 series LEDs that meet the DCI-P3 wide color gamut standard. Currently, the P3 series includes the 0606-P3, 1010-P3, 1415-P3 and 2020-P3 LEDs for different pixel pitch cinema display manufacturing.

Kinglight 2020-S2B LED

  1. XR Series & RGBW LEDs for Virtual Production Display


Nowadays, LED displays are widely used in XR studios and virtual production for film making industry. Kinglight has also launched three new LEDs including the1212-XR, 1415-XR and 1515RGBW. These LEDs also feature with excellent DCI-P3 color gamut performance and high color rendering index for virtual production industry; in addition, the 1515RGBW LED has an additional white light source to reach up to CRI 90, which are suitable for high end virtual production LED screens.

Kinglight XR Series1 & 1515RGBW LED

Kinglight XR Series1 & 1515RGBW LEDs


  1. LEDs for Stage Rental Display


Stage rental displays are frequently transported and disassembled. This unavoidably results in LEDs falling off the screen since unexpected bumps or collisions happen. Kinglight 4195-S1 and 4260-S1 LEDs utilize a unique 4-in-1 design that integrates 4 LED chips into one module. The design allows more pins in one module and greatly increases the modules’ anti-bump performance. According to test, Kinglight 4-in-1 LEDs have 6 times higher thrust than conventional LEDs.

Kinglight 4195 4-in-1 LED

In addition, Kinglight also exhibited a number of new high-brightness LEDs, especially the 2727-A4-T70 with a unique curved lens design attracting great attention at InfoComm 2024.

Kinglight 2727-A4-T70 LED


  1. KS Flagship Version LEDs


Kingliight KS flagship series LEDs, including 1820-KS3, 1820-KS3B, 2727-KS4 and 3535-KS4 also draw great attention since they provide 5 years extra-long warranty than common series LEDs. KS series LEDs are made of high-quality raw materials, such as large-size LED chips, all-copper frames, imported packaging glue, etc. KS series LEDs must pass strict quality tests to ensure their reliability and durability before delivering to the buyers,

Kinglight KS Series LEDs

Kinglight KS Series LEDs


What Do The Visitors Say About Kinglight


Kinglight, as an enterprise of LED packaging, which is rarely seen, has attracted great attention at InfoComm 2024. Let’s what the visitors say about LED packaging and Kinglight LEDs.


  1. Tobias Lang – CEO of LANG AG, Germany

Tobias Lang

“(I like) especially MIP, micro LED in package. It’s a fantastic technology because it could have the power to replace the LCD consumer market”.


“well I believe that micro LED in package not only has the opportunity to replace consumer LCD market, but also if you really use smaller LEDs, micro LEDs, you could do different kind of solutions. let’s say transparent LED displays”.


  1. Meric Adriansen – Electronics Engineer, Canada

Meric Adriansen

“well I’m interested in your lens series, so 2727 lens and 21 lens. I’m looking at the myth but anything to do with high quality outdoor”.


“LEDs that don’t fail for 10 years, and will last in UV and in hot weather. That’s my biggest ask. Build a very reliable LED that’s not going to fail, one or two years is not enough, (maybe) 5 years. And I need to be manufacturer to stand behind their product by giving a 5 year warranty. Because if you give a 5 year warranty that means you trust that it’s not going to fail”.



  1. Corey Belzile – Director of Asset Management, Canada

Corey Belzile

“(I’m) really interested in outdoor commercial lighting and outdoor commercial screens”.

“I’ve used Kinglight’s fixtures before. We import quite a few fixtures on a monthly basis from your factory. And we’ve been really happy with the product and the service of course. Kinglight seems to be a very innovative company, always trying to develop new products. We as one of the distributors, we try to incorporate our ideas and your ideas together to bring them to market”.



  1. Ben Guzman – Network Engineer, US

Ben Guzman

“I like the micro LED. I believe that micro LED is a wave of the future. I think it’s going to start replacing TVs in the future. But right now we’re using LED, 2.6 millimeter for interior solutions for churches and event centers. I also like that it’s bezel-less (no bezel), high refresh rate, high contrast ratio, and you can get really good resolution with high end images and video. so that’s why I like it, so another reasons”.

“I think we’re going to start migrating from like 2.6 and 1 to micro LED. So we’re gonna get higher contrast ratio, and the DPI are gonna get smaller and smaller, and the resolution is going to get higher and higher. And I think that’s where we’re going. If you start now while the market’s growing, I think it (micro LED) could be very lucrative”.


  1. Andy Letros – Distributor of Digital Signage, Canada

Andy Letros


“These screens here caught my eye when I first came. They look great when I walked by. I thought they were something I had to visit and learn more about”.



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