Creative LED Display
Optronics Industry | 2024-06-17

Beyond the most commonly seen flat LED displays on the a wall or at the back of a stage, there are more eye catching designs, the creative LED displays. With different techniques and designs, we can achieve more creative designs with LED displays. For example, with a transparent LED display, we have an unique see through experience; with a holographic display, we can see the image in air; with an interactive LED display, we can interact with the display for a better amusement; with irregular shaped LED displays, we can decorate a specific place with more accommodation of its space and architectural designs. Creative LED displays not only maximize the application of LEDs, but also increase the possibility of visual content with diversified designs.

Irrgular LED Displays

Irrgular LED Displays put up above escalators.


What are creative LED displays?


When conventional LED displays only function to display image and video contents, creative LED displays, as we mentioned above, are specially designed LED displays with creative features which conventional LED displays don’t have. They may have different shapes to max utilize irregular spaces or create unique visual appealing designs; they may also integrate interacting features to engage the users; they may also dedicate to provide either transparent, or 3D, or holographic visual experiences that conventional LED displays don’t offer.


Types of creative LED displays


Creative LED displays come in different styles, either with unique features or in irregular shapes.


  1. Transparent LED Display


Transparent LED display is one of the most commonly seen creative LED displays. Transparent LED displays come in different varieties and transparency rates ranging from 30% to 90%. Some transparent LED displays utilize LED bars to form window blind style screens so that we have a see-through experience; some transparent LED displays are burying LEDs in soft and transparent films, and we often call them transparent LED films.

transparent LED display

transparent LED display


Window blind style transparent LED displays usually put up at event centers for visual entertainment while transparent LED films are widely used for the decoration of glass curtain walls, or glass guardrails in shopping malls, or glass partition walls.

Kinglight 1515-IC LED

Kinglight provides driver IC integrated LEDs for transparent LED display manufacturing.


  1. Interactive LED Display


Interactive LED displays are more commonly seen for entertainment. The most common types are the interactive LED floors and game displays.


Interactive LED displays integrate sensors of voice, gestures, movement, or pressures on the screen to provide interactive response with us. These features are quite welcome if you want to attract more people and increase the engagement.

interactive LED floor


  1. 3D LED Display


3D LED displays are designed to create 3D visuals on flat screens. They usually consist of two screens in 90 degrees and often appear on the corners of large buildings. The two screens display two almost the same images with slight differences.These differences form stereoscopic details of 3D objects in our left and right eye.


Other types of 3D LED displays are utilizing specially designed contents for 3D visuals. For example, the simplest way is to use bars in a visual content. These bars can give us an experience if something are moving in a 3D space. Others may choose to create more dedicated contents to display 3D visuals on a common flat LED displays.

3D LED display


  1. Holographic LED Display


Holographic LED display is also called hologram LED display. It is a type of display combining LED display technology and holographic principles. Holographic LED displays can create illusions of 3D images in air. Holographic LED displays are mostly used in large events for visual attraction and entertainment.

3D Hologram LED Fan Projector


  1. Flexible LED Display


Flexible LED displays are composed by LED panels made of soft PCB and rubber materials to realize flexible features. Flexible LED displays can be bent to suit different installation surfaces or spaces, or just to create unique shapes. That is to say, most of irregular LED displays are made of flexible LED panels, such as cylinder LED displays.

flexible LED display


  1. Irregular LED Display


Irregular LED displays here means LED displays with irregular shapes. They can be cylinder LED displays and sphere LED displays (or LED video balls) made of flexible LED panels; they also can be specifically designed displays with irregular shapes for unique usages, such as triangle LED displays, LED cube displays, hexagon LED displays, round LED displays, etc.

MSG Sphere

MSG Sphere – the largest sphere LED display on the earth


Alphabetic LED displays: alphabetic LED displays are composed of alphabetic shaped LEDs to display names of organizations or brands in more colorful and attractive ways.


LED cube displays: LED cube displays are cube shaped displays with four or five surfaces to display visual contents. They usually hang up at roof ceilings in the center of a large inner space to deliver important information to the audiences circling around.

LED cube display

Other irregular LED displays like triangle, pentagon, and hexagon LED displays are commonly used to create more creative shaped LED displays and attract more attentions in public or at event centers.