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Kinglight Attends Global Mini/Micro LED Display Technology Week: Uniting Industry Upstream and Downstream to Create New Application Scenarios
News | 2023-09-26

July 12-14, by the China Electronic Video Industry Association Mini / Micro LED display industry branch (CMMA) guidance, SciLinks Group organized the “2022 third Global Mini / Micro LED display technology week (Global Mini / Micro LEDTechDays)” was held at the Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Airport. The 3rd Global Mini/Micro LED TechDays 2022, organized by SciLinks Group under the guidance of CMMA, was held at Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Airport. Mr. Gong Wen, Chairman of Kinglight, was invited to attend the event and had a face-to-face conversation with many important guests to discuss the latest Mini/Micro LED developments in 2022.



With the theme of “Business Innovation in the Era of Big Display”, the event attracted the participation of many heavyweight companies, including Huawei, Xiaomi, BOE, TCL, Skyworth, Lazard, Abbyson, and Kinglight, to discuss the challenges and opportunities brought by the new display. In the roundtable session, Mr. Gong Wen, Chairman of Kinglight, shared his insights on the topic of “Micro LED Large Screen Application in Virtual Studio and Home Theater” with the audience.


Chairman Gong Wen proposed that LED direct display market in the new technology empowered every year will give birth to new application scenarios, the track is expanded from TO B to TO C. Micro LED screen into the virtual studio and home theater field, is the best example of new technology empowered by the new scenarios. The upstream and downstream of the industry should work closely together to adapt to the new requirements of product technology. As the midstream end of the industry, Kinglight seamlessly bridges the process of industrial union through customized products. For example, theater screens need to meet the DIC color gamut, and Kinglight specializes in high-end core devices to improve the contrast ratio and other aspects, which is perfectly suited to the needs of terminal screen companies to build products. The XR virtual shooter is a three-dimensional LED space, which requires a high viewing angle, and Kinglight has launched corresponding products for this feature to achieve the excellent effect of 180-degree viewing angle without color deviation.

Meanwhile, in view of the broad prospect of Micro LED, Kinglight has invested in the layout of the new MIP packaging architecture, in preparation for the upgrading of COB technology routes, so that users can utilize the original production line equipment to create new products. Chairman Gong Wen emphasizes that through industrial alliance, upstream, midstream and downstream technologies are linked together to create more creative application scenarios, which is where the vitality of LED direct display lies, and also the conceptual idea that Kinglight promotes.

In addition, for the LED industry’s future competitive situation and solutions, there are a lot of industry players think “vertical integration” is the same general direction, Gong Wen, chairman of the Board of Directors put forward a different thinking.

“Vertical integration” in other industries have achieved success, does not mean that it is the “key to everything”. LED industry can not copy the methodology of other industries, we should consider the reality of their own suitability. Gong Dong proposed, the industry on, in, downstream, respectively, with their own unique core competitiveness, if blind vertical integration, midstream packaging plant, whether it is “up” or “down”, will make the core competitiveness of the building point into an ambiguous and awkward situation. Therefore, the small and medium-sized enterprises than integration.

Therefore, small and medium-sized enterprises should focus on the exploration of technology routes rather than integration, which is also the consistent philosophy and policy of Kinglight. For different fields such as naked eye 3D, XR virtual movie production, Mini LED backlight consumer market, etc., Kinglight has launched different customized solutions, innovative technologies, upgraded processes, and opened up new paths for the industry to create a new situation.



Gong Dong remains optimistic about the overall development of the industry. According to Trend Force forecast, Mini/Micro LED will reach $380 million in 2021 and $5.1 billion in 2025, with a CAGR of 118% during 2020-2025. With the development of new displays, the end market is expected to usher in an innovation boom. As a leading supplier of LED display semiconductors in China, Kinglight has been doing a good job in every detail and is seriously responsible for every link, bringing real value to customers with high quality and constructing the value of independent existence as an enterprise. In the future, Kinglight will take technology as the driving force for development, promote the development of new application scenarios, and open up a larger development space for the industry.