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Another national project, Kinglight helps CCTV Mid-Autumn Gala!
News | 2023-09-26

On September 10th, CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival Gala was held in Zhangjiagang, Suzhou, which brought a Mid-Autumn Festival cultural feast with Jiangnan characteristics and full of innovative highlights in the shape of “round”.



A variety of technology integration, stage screen immersive to create

The Mid-Autumn Festival Gala upholds the core concept of “more to technology to effect”, the Mid-Autumn Festival Gala, 360-degree round stage as the main stage, a thousand square meters of large screen in the back of the stage, according to connoisseurs said the Industrial Research Center that the crystal Taiwan photoelectric 1415 lamp bead products to help the party’s large-screen construction. Its indoor “black crystal” series 1415 products, the use of Kinglight “black technology” to achieve a wide perspective, as well as non-reflective, high-fidelity color rendering!



In addition, the Mid-Autumn Festival Gala will also be shot on location, virtual XR technology and landscape integration, and there are a number of technical applications “first”: the first time to use ultra-high-definition and three-dimensional sound production broadcast; the first time through the “hundred cities and thousands of screens” ultra-high-definition public screen communication system; the first time to open China’s independently developed three-dimensional sound technology demonstration application. The first broadcast through the “100 cities and thousands of screens” ultra-high definition public large screen communication system; the first time to open China’s independent research and development of three-dimensional sound technology demonstration applications.

It is worth noting that in the system of “one hundred cities and one thousand screens”, CCTV deepened the strategic pattern of “5G+4K/8K+AI”, and dispatched the 4K/8K UHD broadcasting trucks involved in the broadcast of the Beijing Winter Olympics to carry out the program production of the Mid-Autumn Gala. The Mid-Autumn Gala will be broadcast simultaneously on more than 200 UHD public screens in public cultural squares in more than 50 cities in 22 provinces and cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Shandong, Jilin and Liaoning.

What can be seen is that this Mid-Autumn Gala once again strengthened the 5G + 8K and other technology landing, coupled with XR technology and three-dimensional sound production, and strive to achieve a sense of immersion on top of the screen.


Activity visual effect upgrade, display new technology or become normalized

This year, LED display technology continues to develop, from the beginning of the Winter Olympics to today’s Mid-Autumn Gala, under the auspices of the display technology, the stage screen presents a colorful and varied effect, oversized screen, shaped screen, XR technology, 5G + 8K …… the fusion of a variety of technologies to help upgrade the stage visual effects for the audience to show the audience a more technological sense of a large-scale The event was a great success.

As an important player in LED light source devices, Kinglight, with its outstanding performance in high contrast, high consistency and high reliability, has taken on the heavy responsibility of displaying important places with its strength in LED light source devices, such as Kinglight Mighty Dragon 1820, Mighty Dragon 1515, Black Crystal 2020, Black Crystal 1415, etc., which have helped the Winter Olympics, Spring Festival Gala and other large-scale national events.



Such as in this year’s Winter Olympics, Kinglight Optoelectronics products Raptor 1820 light beads participated in the construction of the ground screen. In addition, the Beijing Award Plaza and Yanqing Award Plaza, which were jointly made by Kinglight Optoelectronics and New Yasheng Optoelectronics, with a total area of 3,000 square meters, used Kinglight Optoelectronics’ Raptor 1515 products.



With the application of new display technologies for large-scale activities, the stage visual effect has been gradually upgraded, and what is more worth looking forward to is that the current application side and the supply chain to jointly promote, such as XR, 5G + 8K and other technology applications or will be normalized in the future large-scale activities for the promotion of emerging application scenarios to help.


Focus on cutting-edge display, Kinglight capacity upgrade

While the LED display screen shines in many large-scale activities, LED display supply chain players are also actively promoting the development of display technology to meet the new needs of the new era. Kinglight has also long been aiming at the development of naked eye 3D, ultra-high definition, indoor virtual studio, theater screen and other emerging markets, to promote cutting-edge display technology to the ground.



In terms of naked eye 3D, in order to ensure the effect of outdoor naked eye 3D, Kinglight has launched 10,000 brightness products in this field, and mainly utilizes 3535, 2727 and 1820 products.

Under the promotion of “100 cities, 1,000 screens”, 5G+8K has ushered in rapid development. In this field, Kinglight mainly pushes 1515 and 1112 products. As an outdoor high-definition large screen, the display device pays more attention to the protection requirements, increasing the PV coating process protection, plus the mask, glue and other materials.

For XR virtual shooting, Kinglight mainly promotes 1212, 1415 and 2020 devices, which have the advantages of high contrast, high brightness, low power consumption and ultra-wide field of view.

In addition, Kinglight also brings P3 color gamut and IDLED light driver all-in-one products in LED cinema, creative display and other applications. From micro-pitch Micro LED (COB “fully inverted” + MIP “fully inverted, common shade”), Mini small-pitch, indoor, outdoor, covering the flagship version of the KS series, the supreme version of the A series, the standard version of the S series of different specifications, and is committed to customized, multi-series product matrix. We are committed to meeting the differentiated and personalized needs of the industry with our customized and multi-series product matrix.



Production capacity, the crystal table is also continuing to high-end manufacturing, it is reported that the Mid-Autumn Festival party held in Zhangjiagang, and Suzhou crystal table photoelectric is also located in Zhangjiagang, at present, Suzhou crystal table has been put into production twice, the cumulative investment of up to 1.6 billion yuan, the company’s current monthly output of display class LED devices 16000KK.



From a number of large-scale activities this year can be glimpsed, XR and 5G + 8K technology has been widely used, for the audience, the area of the display screen, the application of new technologies makes the immersion effect is constantly increasing. Behind the screen, the supply chain technology to promote the diversification of the LED screen, we also look forward to the development of LED display technology can create more surprises on the stage visual effect.