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Kinglight Won Outstanding Contribution Award and Innovative Technology Award at 2023 GGII Annual Golden Globe Awards Ceremony
News | 2023-12-16

Congratulations! Kinglight attended 2023 GGII Gold Globe Award ceremony held by Gaogong LED and Gaogong Industrial Institute (GGII) in HYATT hotel on 7th and 8th, December, and won Outstanding Contribution Award and Innovative Technology Award for contributions in MicroLED in Package (MiP) technology innovations.

Kinglight's LED package technology won Gold Globe Awards

Left: Innovative Technology Award for Kinglight’s LED Packaging Division
Right: Outstanding Contribution Award for Mr. Gongwen, GM of Kinglight Optoelectronics


Gaogong Gold Globe Award is an annual ceremony to celebrate LED industry growth in China and also to encourage LED technology innovations. Kinglight stood out among many participating companies since its great innovation in Mini LED and Micro-LED in Package (MiP) technology, which is already tested to be an improvement for Mini LED packaging and has already been put into production.


Mr. Gong Wen, the GM of Kinglight Optoelectronics, won the personal Outstanding Contribution Award for his leadership and years of persistence in LED packaging technology innovation. And Mr. Yan Chunwei, as the director of Kinglight’s LED Packaging Division winning the Innovative Technology Award, lectured over this year’s LED display technology development trends and the challenges in LED packaging industry at the meeting. After years of growth, he believes that China LED industry has already shed its traditional forms into a much higher standard to meet more professional requirements for micro pitches and high definition LED displays. The growth and improvements are prominent, but challenges still exist, especially on pixel uniformity, massive transfer, product testing and repairing, etc.


Kinglight representative Speeched at 2023 GGII Gold Globe Award CeremonyMr. Yan Chunwei, director of Kinglight’s LED package division, speeched at 2023 GGII Gold Globe Award Ceremony


According to Mr. Yan, Kinglight had already deployed in MIP technology innovation in early 2021 and launched a new generation of MiP LED display lamps in 2023, and became the first enterprise in China that can mass produces stable small chip driven MiP LED display lamps. He also promises, Kinglight will constantly put efforts on LED packaging technology innovations in the future to help LED industry growth in China.


Things you should know about MiP

In LED industry, MIP stands for MicoLED in package.


Advantages of MiP LED displays


MiP LED displays have more light color consistency and uniformity to ensure perfect full screen display quality;
With full black PPA packaging, MiP LED displays have much higher contrast and definition;
MiP LED displays also have more uniform light distribution and provides 180 degrees viewing angles without color cast;
MiP package technology have less requirement on raw materials like substrate, related equipment and labour expense, which is friendlier for efficient massive production and cost saving.