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2023 Hangjia Display Annual Conference | kinglight dialogue with industry leaders, how to lead the new trend of LED display
News | 2023-12-01

On 29-30 November, 2023 hangjia Display Annual Conference – and hangjia Aurora Award Ceremony was held in Shenzhen. The conference gathered key enterprises from multiple segments such as chips, packaging, panels, terminals, equipment, materials, drivers, controls and other different segments to unveil the latest progress of the supply chain from multiple dimensions such as industrial scenarios, product technologies, future trends, etc., and to discuss the future of the LED display industry and the development of the new incremental market under the new situation.


During the same period, by kinglight crystal platform as the main editorial enterprise involved in writing the “2023 small pitch and micro-pitch display research white paper” was officially released, the white paper focuses on the development of the industry’s new changes over the past year or so, the development of the industry as a whole, the current situation of production capacity, product characteristics, technology trends and development trends, and other hot topics for a comprehensive and detailed combing and in-depth analysis.


Thoughts on LED display technology and market under the new industrial pattern


In the keynote speech session, Yan Chunwei, R&D Director of Kinglight Packaging Division, brought a keynote report on “LED Display Technology Development Trends and Difficulties Analysis”, which analysed Kinglight’s MIP technology and new scenario differentiated products in terms of the development trends and pain points of LED display technology.


Micro Pitch Display (MLED)


In order to better adapt to the development of MLED, kinglight has innovatively taken the lead in launching MiP products to address the pain points of pixel uniformity, mass transfer, and detection and repair in MLED applications.


Kinglight’s MiP packaging technology has seven advantages, including: good display uniformity, high compatibility, high reliability and protection, good ink consistency, ultra-high contrast ratio, and large display angle. Meanwhile, with kinglight’s MiP virtual pixel technology, the number of MiP beads can be reduced by 75% and the number of LED chips by 66.6%, helping companies to significantly reduce production costs.


In addition, MiP can reduce the requirement of Micro LED chip consistency, greatly improving the pixel uniformity of the module; at the same time, it ensures that all products are 100% sorted by packaging-level testing, and the yield of MiP packaging can be guaranteed, which helps MLEDs to complete mass production quickly.


Professional Display (Stage Rental and Broadcasting)


For professional display stage leasing field, kinglight brings LED products to effectively solve the pain points of leasing display, targeted launch TOP type 4-in-1 leasing display lamp beads 4260 and 4195 and other series of products, thrust to improve 5 times, covering P1.95-P2.6 point pitch, while launching to meet the indoor and outdoor scenes such as different brightness, contrast and other differences in the leasing of God, can effectively overcome the long-standing problems of the rental screen, and can help to improve the quality of the LED products, and can help to improve the quality of the LED products. Can effectively overcome the long-term rental screen bump off lights, long-term storage, light decay life and other issues;


For the professional display of radio and television production and broadcasting in the field of cinema display and virtual studio XR/VP two market segments. Among them, for the LED cinema launched P3 series display lamp beads with cinema-grade wide colour gamut, high consistency, high contrast, support for HDR four major advantages, really let the cinema display screen to achieve detailed and realistic, bright colour display effect.


For virtual studio XR/VP applications, kinglight in the original 1212, 1415 two XR series display lamp beads on the basis of the new 1515 RGBW products, compared with the traditional XR display lamp beads, it increases the white light source, the colour rendering index is up to 90 or more, to protect the virtual shooting environment, people, objects, colour reproduction, the shooting effect is more realistic.


With the development of LED display technology LED display high-end application scenes continue to expand, high-end application scenes for LED also put forward more professional needs. kinglight not only has a full range of RGBLED products, but also has a professional product design and R & D capabilities, to provide customers with differentiated products and services to meet the higher requirements of the display of new scenes.