What is the difference between a rental LED display and a fixed LED display?
Optronics Industry | 2023-12-21

For different occasions and usages, we often have two options for LED displays, one is a rental LED display, and the other is a fixed LED display. The main difference is quite obvious from their names, one for rental service, which means it can be moved to different places for different users, and the other is installed in a fixed place. Beyond this evident difference, in fact, a rental LED display and a fixed LED display have more differences than you think due to their different functions.


There are 6 main differences between a rental LED display and a fixed LED display.


Stage Display at 2020 Hainan Island International Film Festival

A stage rental display at 2020 Hainan Island International Film Festival


  1. Different frame or cabinet design

A fixed LED display usually has a large cabin or metal frame outdoors, which is installed in a fixed place and relatively heavier to prevent strong wind from affecting its stability; but a rental LED display, with a smaller and lightweight die-cast aluminum cabinet, often has convenient lock designs and located pins for easy disassembly and re-installation.


  1. Durability

Designed to adopt frequent disassembly, re-installation, and transportation situation, a rental LED display has more anti-bump features and also a more protective box for transportation. This means a rental LED display is usually more durable than a fixed LED display.


  1. Mobility

No doubt a rental LED display wins in mobility since it’s designed for rental service. It can be easily disassembled and moved to a new place, and then re-installed in a short time and can be easily done by workers following SOP guidance.


  1. Installation and maintenance

Due to the modular designs and anti-bump features, a rental LED display often needs less for installation and maintenance, while a fixed LED display needs more work and strict procedures to build up a solid framework. This framework must be reliable enough to mount or hang the display up. Sometimes, it must stand strong winds in some unique locations.


  1. Cost

A rental LED display is for temporary use and you only pay for the rental fee; but a fixed LED display is for a long period us and usually 24 hours all day displaying, you must buy the display and pay all the expense for installation and other related fees. Normally, a fixed LED display costs much higher than a rental LED display.


  1. Application

A rental LED display is commonly used for events, concerts, trade shows, and other temporary installation occasions, while a fixed led display is widely used for building advertising billboard, traffic control rooms, police monitor center, LED signage for plazas and shopping malls, touring, etc.

Also we can go through below paragraphs and learn more about the features of a rental and a fixed LED display.


Common features of a rental LED display

Typically, a rental LED display have some common features to suit temporary usage and rental service.


  1. Modular design is a must for easy dismantling and re-installation and also light-weight requirement for transportation.
  2. Seamless splicing is another important feature for a rental display; it means multiple LED panels can freely relocated and connected to form different shaped or sized LED displays without seam between the panels which affects the result.
  3. Multiple mounting method optional is another requirement for a rental LED display. To suit different mounting positions, a rental LED display should be optional for trusses structure or directly on ground, or rigging system mounting.
  4. Wide video sources (such as computers, cameras, video processors, etc) compatibility also plays important role in a rental LED display. It should support commonly seen video input formats like HDMI, DVI, and VGA to suit different devices.
  5. Easy-to-use control system is necessary for a rental LED display to allow users conveniently adjusting settings, display configurations, and other management of video display.


Common features of a fixed LED display

fixed led display

Fixed led display on city building walls


A fixed LED display usually have some common features unlike a rental LED display.


  1. High brightness is a must for a fixed LED display to suit different ambient brightness for 24 hours all-day-long displaying, either in bright or dark surroundings.


Kinglight SMD3535 LED Display Lamp

Kinglight 3535-KS4 LED display lamp can reach a brightness of 12000 nit.


  1. Large viewing angle is important for a fixed LED display since people might come or pass by the screen in quite different directions.


  1. Weather resistant is also necessary since a fixed LED display is usually installed outdoors.


  1. Being energy efficient is quite crucial for a fixed LED display. It will help the owner to lower the expense of operating a fixed LED display.


Simply to put, a rental LED display works for rental service and moves to different event locations. It must be easy for dismantling, re-installation, and transportation. And of course, with good anti-collision performance to make sure it won’t break down after all these operations.


While a fixed led display requires much higher in brightness, viewing angle, and also weather resistant to suit different weather conditions since it’s usually installed outdoors.