Flexible LED Displays: Features & Types
Optronics Industry | 2024-04-01

A flexible LED display, also known as a bendable LED display or LED screen, is a type of display technology that can be bent or curved to fit various shapes and surfaces. It offers versatility and the ability to create unique and eye-catching visual installations.

flexible LED display

Hollow center of a shopping mall, is the best place for flexible LED displays.



Key features of flexible LED display


Here are some key aspects and features of flexible LED displays:


Bendable and Curvable: Flexible LED displays are made with flexible materials that allow them to be bent or curved to different degrees. This flexibility enables the display to conform to curved surfaces, such as pillars, columns, or irregular architectural elements.


Lightweight and Thin: Flexible LED displays are typically lightweight and slim in design. This makes them easier to handle, install, and transport compared to traditional rigid LED displays. The lightweight nature of the display also reduces the load on the supporting structure.


High Flexibility: Flexible LED displays can be bent in both concave and convex shapes, allowing for a wide range of creative possibilities. They can be shaped into curves, waves, circles, or custom forms, enabling innovative and dynamic visual designs.


Seamless Display: Flexible LED displays offer a seamless viewing experience, even when bent or curved. The display modules are designed to fit together seamlessly, ensuring a smooth and continuous visual presentation without visible gaps or interruptions.


Wide Viewing Angle: Flexible LED displays typically have a wide viewing angle, ensuring that the content remains visible from various perspectives. This makes them suitable for installations where people may view the display from different angles or distances.


Weatherproof and Durable: Flexible LED displays are often designed to be weatherproof and resistant to environmental elements. They can withstand various weather conditions, making them suitable for outdoor installations. They are also durable and capable of withstanding vibrations and impacts.


Customizable Size and Pixel Pitch: Flexible LED displays are available in different sizes and pixel pitches, allowing for customization based on specific installation requirements. The pixel pitch determines the resolution and viewing distance of the display, so it can be selected according to the intended viewing distance and content requirements.


Content Management: Flexible LED displays can be controlled and managed using dedicated software and control systems. This allows for easy content management, scheduling, and real-time updates, ensuring dynamic and engaging visual displays.


Flexible LED displays are used in a wide range of applications, including retail environments, advertising displays, stage backdrops, exhibitions, museums, architectural installations, and more. They offer creative and attention-grabbing visual solutions, enabling unique and immersive display experiences.

ribbon LED display

The multi-level surround design makes the flexible LED screen highly visual impact


Types of flexible LED display


Flexible LED display comes in various styles to suit different application scenarios.


  1. Curved LED display


Curved LED display is the most commonly seen type of flexible LED display. Curved LED display come in two different styles, the convex and the concave LED display.


  1. Cylinder LED display


A cylinder LED display encircles round shaped structure, such as a pole, or a round ceiling facility, to provide 360 degree view of contents for the audiences. Cylinder LED displays are commonly used in the center of shopping malls, transportation hubs and other places with high traffic, either for broadcasting or advertising.


  1. Wave LED display


A wave LED display is in fact an extended type of curved LED display with various of curved surfaces forming save like styles.


  1. Ribbon LED display


Ribbon LED display is also called as LED ribbon board. It is a more versatile style of flexible LED displays in irregular shaped ribbons. Their shapes vary much according to different application scenarios and specific requirement.


Ribbon LED displays provide more visual impact since they’re more versatile in shapes and space decoration.


Also to note, a ribbon LED display also refers to a type of long but straight ribbon display made of non-flexible LED panels. Of course, this kind of ribbon LED display isn’t a flexible LED display.

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