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Kinglight Launches High Thrust 4-in-1 LEDs for Rental Screens
News | 2024-03-29

As a leading enterprise of LED packaging across China, Kinglight keeps developing new LEDs (for displays) every year to meet with the ever-changing market and promote LED display technology. In the rental market of LED screens, end users are suffering LEDs falling off the screen during disassembly, transportation, or re-installation procedures. Tough this issue happens occasionally, it’s quite annoying when it really occurs. To further reduce these kinds of issue, Kinglight launches two 4-in-1 LEDs with high thrust. Let’s dive into the details, and learn why they do better for rental screens.


LED Panel by Kinglight 4260-S1 LED

LED panel made of Kinglight 4260-S1 4-in-1 LEDs


Kinglight 4195-S1 & 4260-S1 4-in-1 LEDs


Kinglight has launched two 4-in-1 LEDs, the 4195-S1 LED and the 4260-S1 LED for rental screens with slight difference in size. The 4195-S1 LED measures 3.5*3.5mm in dimension while the 4260-S1 is 4.2*4.2mm in dimension, a little larger than the 4195-S1 LED. While the 4195-S1 LEDs can be assembled into P1.95 LED screens, the 4260-S1 LEDs are for P2.6 LED screens.



Why do they utilize 4-in-1 design?


Kinglight 4195-S1 and 4260-S1 LED utilize 4-in-1 design to integrate 4 LED chips in 1 unit. This increases the size of each unit and achieves 10-pin design for the 4195- S1 LED and 8-pin design for the 4260-S1 LED. More pins provide higher thrusts for the LEDs. According to laboratory test, the 4195-S1 LED has a thrust of 8-10KG while the 4260-S1 LED’s thrust reaches 8-12KG. This means, they offer 6 times higher thrust than regular LEDs.


Why are LEDs with higher thrust better for rental screens?


Thrust performance of an LED is somehow a decisive factor that affect its solidity when being assembled into an LED display panel. More thrust an LED offers, more solid it stays on the screen. This feature brings a better anti-collision performance for the LED panel and a decreased possibility of LED falling off the screen while disassembly, transportation and re-installation.

Kinglight 4260 LED

Kinglight 4260-S1 4-in-1 LED with 8 pins



Other Features of Kinglight 4-in-1 LEDs


Kinglight 4195-S1 and 4260-S1 4-in-1 LEDs also provide some good features like high brightness, color uniformity, high contrast ratio and increased surface mount efficiency as well as anti-collision performance.


  1. High Brightness


Kinglight 4195-S1 and 4260-S1 LED utilize large size LED chips and ensure screen brightness over 1,000 nits, which is adequate for rental screens.


  1. Color Uniformity


Also the LED chips of Kinglight 4195-S1 and 4260-S1 LEDs are customized for the same bins, which means excellent color uniformity for the LED panels, and the whole rental screens.


  1. High Contrast Ratio


Kinglight 4195-S1 and 4260-S1 LEDs adopt all black frame design for contrast ratio of 10000:1 and bringing better visual experience with clear images, delicate texture, and distinct layers for the audiences.


  1. Increased surface mount efficiency


In addition, Kinglight 4195-S1 and 4260-S1 LEDs also increase surface mount efficiency by 4 times during LED display panel manufacturing process because of their integrated designs, 4 LED chips each time while 1 LED chip each time for a regular LED.