Transparent LED Film
Optronics Industry | 2024-04-09

Transparent LED film, also known as transparent LED display film or LED transparent film, is a thin and flexible electronic display material that can be applied to transparent surfaces, such as glass windows or acrylic panels. It allows for the creation of see-through visual displays while maintaining the transparency of the underlying surface.

Transparent LED Film

Transparent LED films are widely used for glass wall decoration.



Features of Transparent LED Film


As a unique LED display type, transparent LED film brings us a lot of unique features like high transparency as well as some common features that traditional LED displays have.



The primary characteristic of transparent LED film is its ability to maintain the transparency of the surface it is applied to. It allows light to pass through, making it possible to see both the display content and the objects behind the film. The transparency of a transparent LED film is among 70% – 95%.


Flexibility and Thinness:

Transparent LED film is typically lightweight, thin, and flexible, making it suitable for curved or irregular surfaces. It can be easily applied to various transparent substrates, including windows, glass partitions, or transparent display cases.


Display Content:

Transparent LED film can display a wide range of content, including text, images, videos, and animations. The LEDs embedded in the film emit light, creating vibrant visuals that are visible both from the front and the back of the display.


Daylight Visibility:

Transparent LED film is designed to provide sufficient brightness and contrast, ensuring good visibility even in daylight conditions. This makes it suitable for applications where natural light is present, such as storefront windows or glass facades.


Energy Efficiency:

Transparent LED film is energy-efficient, consuming less power compared to traditional displays. It utilizes LED technology, which is known for its low energy consumption and long lifespan.


Easy Installation and Maintenance:

Transparent LED film can be easily applied to existing transparent surfaces, requiring minimal installation effort. It can also be removed and re-positioned if needed. Maintenance typically involves cleaning the film surface, similar to traditional glass cleaning.

Transparent LED Film-1

Transparent LED films are perfect for guardrail decoration in shopping malls.



Where to Use Transparent LED Film


Transparent LED film can be widely used in different scenarios, especially for advertising and architectural decoration.


Advertising and Retail:

Transparent LED film is commonly used in advertising and retail environments. It allows businesses to display promotional content on their storefront windows without obstructing the view inside or outside the store. It can be used for showcasing products, promotions, branding messages, or creating interactive experiences.


Architectural Integration:

Transparent LED film can be integrated into architectural structures, such as glass facades or interior glass walls, to create dynamic visual displays. It can transform the appearance of buildings, add visual interest, and communicate information or artistic expressions.


Museums and Exhibitions:

Transparent LED film can enhance the visitor experience in museums and exhibitions. It can be used to display information, provide interactive elements, or showcase multimedia content on transparent surfaces such as display cases or exhibit panels.


Transparent LED film offers a versatile and innovative solution for creating visually appealing displays on transparent surfaces. Its applications span across various industries, including advertising, retail, architecture, museums, and exhibitions. The specific use cases will depend on the requirements of the installation, content needs, and the desired visual impact.

Transparent LED Film-2



Disadvantages of Transparent LED Film


While transparent LED film brings a unique see-throught experience because of its high transparency, we should also notice some of its disadvantages.


Higher Cost:

Transparent LED film has higher cost while production due to higher technical requirement, hence you need to invest more to have a transparent LED film when compared to a traditional transparent LED display.


Insufficient Mounting:

Environmental factors (such as high temperature, ultraviolet rays) may affect the stability of the adhesive performance of a transparent LED film and cause deformation of the screen.


Limited clarity and brightness:

Though transparent LED film can display clear image in daylight, it is limited to clarity and brightness when compared with traditional LED displays.



Kinglight LEDs for Transparent LED Film Manufacturing


Kinglight provides two LEDs with built-in IC for transparent LED film manufacturing, the 1515-IC and the 2222-IC LEDs.


Kinglight 1515-IC LED

Kinglight 1515-IC LED with built-in IC