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New Trends of LED Display Technology & Kinglight All Scenario LED Solutions
News | 2024-04-08

The development of LED display technology is driving the upgrading of products, and the end market’s pursuit of LED screen performance is forcing further upgrades of LED display technology. Opportunities and challenges coexist. At the 2024 TrendForce Next Generation Display Industry Seminar, Mr. Yan Chunwei, R&D Director of Kinglight LED package division, addressed over the new trends in LED display technology and introduced in detail Kinglight micro-pitch MiP LEDs and all scenario LED solutions for displays of different applications.

Kinglight R&D Director of LED Package Division

Mr. Yan Chunwei, Kinglight R&D Director of LED Package Division, talks at the 2024 TrendForce Next Generation Display Industry Seminar


New Trends Emerge in the Development of LED Display Technology


Mr. Yan said at the seminar that two new trends emerge in LED display industry, one is the minimizing of pixel pitches, and the other is the more specified application scenarios.


Nowadays, the pixel pitches of LED displays become smaller and smaller. Most of the LED screens have a pixel pitch under 1.2mm, some even reach micron level. This new trend has expanded the usage of LED displays from outdoor to indoor, and broadens the overall market for LED display.


Meanwhile, LED displays are now designed for more specific scenarios, including stage rental, radio and television production and broadcasting, high-end fixed installation, etc. More specific applications have more specific requirements for LED displays, which has led to specialized design of LEDs.

Mr. Yan introduces Kinglight MiP LED

Mr. Yan introduces Kinglight MiP LEDs at the seminar


Kinglight MCOB solution for Micro Pixel Pitch Displays


“Currently, there are 3 main technology for micro pixel pitch LED displays, including COB, COG and MiP”, said Mr. Yan, “Kinglight innovates packaging technology and performs chip-level packaging on the front-end process of Micro LED chips. The encapsulated MiP is then packaged with MCOB (MCOB=MiP+COB)”. According to test, Kinglight MiP technology effectively solves the current drawbacks of Micro LED in terms of pixel uniformity, transfer yield, and detection and repair, and achieves rapid mass production of Micro LED.


So far, Kinglight has launched a variety of MiP LEDs, including MC1010, MC0606, MC0505, and MC0404, covering P0.5-P1.2, which can be used in VP/XR, LED cinema, outdoor ultra-high definition, micro pitch display and other scenarios. Kinglight MiP LEDs have below advantages:


  1. Display Uniformity


After bin classification, MiP LEDs provide great uniformity in both color and brightness and are calibration free.


  1.  High Compatibility


MiP LEDs can be arbitrarily arranged and combined into modules, adapting to different pixel pitches. They are highly versatile, have high yield rates, and are simple to maintain.


  1. High Reliability & Protection


Package the MiP LEDs as MCOB using optical glue to ensure that the product has good anti-bump, moisture-proof, and dust-proof effects.


  1. High Black Color Consistency


MiP can achieve uniform mixing, ensure the uniformity of device color, and ensure the consistency of module ink color after placement.


  1. High Contrast Ratio


  1. Wide Viewing Angle


Kinglight MiP LEDs can achieve 180 degree wide viewing angle without color cast and are suitable for curved displays or special application scenarios.


Kinglight All Scenarios LEDs for Specific Display Applications


Kinglight provides a wide variety of LEDs to suit different application scenarios of displays.


For example, stage rental displays require more in display effects, anti-bump performance, endurance of long-term storage, extended life and reduced light attenuation, etc. And according to different usage scenarios, Kinglight provides LEDs for both indoors and outdoors.


For indoors, Kinglight 1415-S2 (for P1.8-3.0 display) and 2020-S2B (for P2.6-3.9 display) LEDs feature high brightness (full screen brightness > 1000nit), high consistency, high contrast, and high protection performance.


In addition, Kinglight also provide 4260-S1 (P2.6) and 4195-S1 (P1.95) LEDs adopting TOP 4-in-1 design to further enhance anti-bump performance. The 4260-S1 LED thrust reaches 10 kilograms while 4195-S1 has a thrust of 8 kilograms, which is 4-5 times higher than regular LED, effectively preventing LEDs from falling off the screen.


For outdoors, Kinglight mainly has three products: 1820-CS1, 1820-CS2, and 1820-BB, which have the characteristics of high brightness (full screen brightness >5000nit), ultra-long life, high contrast, and high consistency. The field of radio and television production and broadcasting mainly includes two major scenarios: cinema display and virtual studio. The requirements for LED displays in this application scenario include high color gamut coverage, consistent display, uniform ink color, large viewing angle, and high CRI.


For cinema displays, Kinglight has launched the P3 series of cinema-level LEDs, with over 98% coverage of P3 color gamut, and can be customized according to the actual current used by customers to ensure color gamut coverage, while having high consistency and contrast ratio (20000:1), and can support HDR. They are the 2020-P3, 1415-P3, 1010-P3, and MC0606-P3 LEDs.


For virtual production, Kinglight has three LEDs, including 1212-XR, 1415-XR and 1515RGBW. Among them, 1212-XR and 1415-RX, featuring DCI-P3 color gamut and high color reproduction performance, high brightness, low power consumption, high consistency of black color, and wide viewing angle, offer immersive display effect for the whole screen; 1515RGBW LED is an RGB LED with an additional white light chip and can be applied to the sky screen for virtual shooting. The product has the characteristics of high brightness (full screen brightness >5000nit) and high color rendering index (>90).


High-end fixed displays are mainly used in urban landmark buildings. These kind of displays require LEDs to have features like high brightness, energy saving and long time warranty. Kinglight KS series LEDs for high-end fixed displays, including 3535-KS4, 2727-KS4, 1820-KS3, and 1820-KS3B, offer over 10,000 nits brightness, low power consumption, good color rendering effect,and long life. In addition, Kinglight offers 5 years warranty for KS series LEDs.




In the highly industrial concentrated LED display industry, the profit growth point of enterprises lies in the continuous innovation of technology and the layout of new application fields.


Kinglight has RGB LED products for all scenarios and has professional R&D capabilities. As market demand changes, Kinglight will continue to develop new LEDs to promote LED display technology and resonate with the prosperity and development of the LED industry.