Sphere LED Display
Optronics Industry | 2024-05-09

Sphere LED display, is a creative ball-like LED display also named as spherical LED display, or LED video ball, or LED ball display. It provides a spherical 360 degree view for the audiences. Sphere LED displays can be widely used in museums, shopping malls, conference rooms, exhibitions, concerts and events. It’s one of the best ways to grab public attention and optimize the promotion of your product, service and brand.

Sphere LED Display


Features of Sphere LED Display


A sphere LED display not only has the general properties of a conventional LED display, but also offer some unique features which a conventional LED display doesn’t have.


360 Degrees Spherical Viewing Angle


A sphere LED display offers a spherical 360 degrees viewing experience for the audiences.


Seamless Splicing

A sphere LED display also supports seamless splicing as a conventional LED display. To achieve this, a sphere LED display usually adopts trapezoidal circuit design behind the screen, which is the inside of the sphere.This ensures seamless and smooth content display of a sphere LED display.


Uniform Tapping

Uniform tapping is another important feature for a sphere LED display. As we all know, a sphere LED display is composed of different shaped LED panels. Uniform tapping is a must for smooth connections of these panels and form a smooth spherical surface for the display. This requires concise but accurate tapping design on different LED panels.


Fine Pitch

As a creative type, a sphere LED display usually adopts fine pitch design to further enhance the viewing experience and attract more audiences.


Indoor & Outdoor Usage

Spherical LED displays are widely used both indoors and outdoors since their unique visual impact features.


Flexible Installation

Sphere LED displays are versatile for installation. Small sphere LED displays can stand on the ground with a base or hang up at the center of a hall. Large sphere LED displays may need specially designed supporting structures, or sometimes utilize a large spherical surface of a building, just like the MSG Sphere, which is a large spherical entertainment architect itself.

Sphere LED Display


Structure of Sphere LED Display


A sphere LED displays, especially smaller ones, usually contains a base or hanging facility, spherical steel structure (usually in two halves for easy installation), LED panels, controllers, and power source.


Procedures of Sphere LED Display Manufacturing


Let’s see how a sphere LED display is made.


  1. Design and manufacture the two half spherical steel supporting structures for the display.


  1. Combine the two halves into a sphere.


  1. Assemble the inside circuit for the display.


  1. Put all the LED panels onto the sphere structure.


  1. Turn on the display to see if it works.


  1. Do aging test before delivering it to the buyers.



Application of Sphere LED Display




  1. Shopping Malls


Shopping mall advertisements, new product launches and event messages can be amplified to every corner of the space so that everyone can clearly see the information, thereby better attracting consumers’ attention and allowing more people to participate. Increase sales.


  1. Museums


In a prominent position in the museum hall, the LED spherical screen plays videos of the museum’s development history and array of cultural relics. Its appearance strongly attracts the audience’s attention. It can be retracted synchronously and asynchronously, and has a 360-degree viewing angle, giving people a visually shocking impact.


  1. Exhibitions


Combining various technologies of sound, shadow, light and electricity, they are seamlessly intertwined and use high-tech means to display the dynamic space of the exhibition hall in a multi-dimensional and three-dimensional manner, giving the audience an immersive 360 degree full-view audio-visual experience.


  1. Advertising


The use of LED spherical screens in star-rated hotels, large open spaces, train stations, shopping malls, etc. has become very common. The screen plays discount advertisements and brand images of merchants. People coming from all directions will be attracted by the spherical screen, bringing more potential customers to the merchants.

MSG Sphere


MSG Sphere – The Largest Spherical LED Display in The World


When talk about sphere LED displays, it’s difficult not mention the largest sphere LED display, the MSG Sphere, which is a spherical structure for entertainment located in Las Vegas, Nevada.


The MSG Sphere spent more than 3 years and over 2.3 billion USD and started to open in September, 2023. It has a diameter of 157.2 meters and a height of 111.5 meters with 18,600 seats.


The exterior sphere LED display of the MSG Sphere is named as Exosphere with 19,000 * 13,500 pixels. It can display various animated contents, such as basketball, eyeball, the moon, the Halloween pumpkins, etc.

Kinglight 1515GB LED

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