Top 10 Largest LED Displays in The World
Optronics Industry | 2024-05-08

In the world of LED displays, size surely matters and greatly increases attention grabbing performance. Colossal LED displays easily become landmarks and attract a lot of visitors. So do you have any idea over how large an LED display can be? If you don’t see really large ones on your own, you’ll probably be limited to an LED display measuring only hundred square meters on the surface of a shopping mall near your house. Then you should be happy to click in and take a further look on this page. Here, we’ll introduce the top 10 largest LED displays in the world.


1.  Sphere at The Venetian Resort, Paradise, Nevada, USA:


Installed in 2023, this LED screen covers an astonishing 54,000 square meters (580,000 square feet) and offers a resolution of 19,000 x 13,500 pixels. So far, it’s the largest LED display in the world.

MSG Sphere -The Largest LED Display

MSG Sphere is currently the largest LED display in the world.


2. Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas, USA:


With a size of 130,000 square feet, the Viva Vision screen was once officially the biggest screen in the world. It features 49 million energy-efficient LEDs and a canopied look.

Fremont Street Experience


3. Resorts World Las Vegas, USA:


Unveiled in 2020, this screen occupies almost all of the West Tower of the hotel complex, with a size of 161,636 square feet. It offers mind-blowing content and a fully transparent window view for guests.

Resorts World Las Vegas


4. Mall Taman Anggrek, Jakarta, Indonesia:


With a size of 93,380 square feet, this LED display was once recognized by Guinness World Records. It delivers a stunning visual experience with its long facade.

Mall Taman Anggrek


5. The Place, Beijing, China:


This display at The Place shopping mall is 80,360 square feet in size and features thousands of LED lights, creating a magnificent play of colors and patterns.

The Place Beijing


6. SoFi Stadium’s Samsung Infinity Screen, Los Angeles, USA:


Recognized as the first double-sided and center-hung video screen, this oval-shaped LED screen spans around 6,500 square meters. It features approximately 80 million pixels and an 8 mm pixel pitch.

SoFi Stadium's Samsung Infinity Screen


7. Citigroup Tower, Shanghai, China:


Illuminating in the evening, this screen covers 64,914 square feet and is capable of showing 3D billboards and a wide range of content. It is also an iconic part of Shanghai’s skyline.

Citigroup Tower Shanghai


8. Tauron Arena, Krakow, Poland:


This LED screen, covering 54,896 square feet, is wrapped around the stadium, creating a beautiful show of light. It is one of the largest LED screens in Europe.

Tauron Arena Krakow


9. Mercedes-Benz Stadium Halo Board, Atlanta, USA:


With a size of 62,350 square feet, this 360-degree, 58 feet tall video screen delivers an unforgettable show for the fans of the game. The stadium also features LED boards covering almost 20,000 square feet.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium Halo Board


10. Mexico City Arena, Mexico City, Mexico


The Mexico City Arena has a 64,484 square feet LED display. It uses numerous 125mm LED sticks to form the large screen.

Mexico City Arena