Shopping Mall LED Display
Optronics Industry | 2024-06-18

Nowadays, shopping mall becomes a complex for shopping, eat and drink, and entertainment. To make the shopping mall more attractive or make your business stand out among your competitors, LED displays are necessary for broadcasting your product or service to the crowds.

Shopping mall LED display


Benefits of shopping mall LED display


Using LED displays in a shopping mall can bring a lot of benefits for the mall itself, and the businesses inside the mall, and the visitors or consumers.


  1. Beautify the shopping mall


Well designed and installed LED displays firstly beautify the shopping mall. Well designed visual contents will also ensure a better environment for the visitors.


In addition, LED displays make the shopping more bright.

shopping mall LED display


  1. Attract more visitors


Shopping mall LED displays especially the curtain wall displays attract great attention and bring more visitors who randomly pass by into the mall.


  1. Make your business stand out


Shopping mall is a cluster of the same and closely related business. If you advertise on LED displays, then your business will probably stand out among your competitors; if you don’t, then you may fail or need to do other compensatory options, which are not that effective as using LED displays.


  1. Provide shopping guide


Shopping mall LED displays can also work as a map of the business inside the mall. This will provide clear view of different businesses and where they are. A clear shopping guide certainly improves visitors’ experience and increases traffic inside the mall.


With a shopping guide, visitors can effectively decide which shop to go or what kind of stores to visit.


For visitors with quite specific requirement, this will increase their efficiency of purchasing and shorten their stay inside the shopping. On the other hand, this allows more traffic in a certain period for the shopping mall and avoids too much crowded population.


  1. Deliver important messages


LED displays can be used to deliver important messages like hot sales or where to get after sales service, and instant notice if an emergency situation happens. This will help a well-organized operation of the shopping mall.


Types of shopping mall LED display


Shopping mall LED displays come in different types to achieve different usages.

transparent LED display


  1. Transparent glass curtain wall LED display


Transparent LED films are usually fit onto the glass curtain walls of a shopping mall. They enhance the looking of the mall and deliver well designed visual contents for advertising while provide a unique see-through experience of the inside. They make the shopping mall more appealing to the visitors.


  1. Transparent LED display partitions


Transparent LED displays can also work as partition of stores inside a shopping mall. A see-through visual with transparent LED display partitions provides better delivering of your product or service without interrupting a quick look into the stores. This is very important for a bright environment of the store and let the visitors fast know how the inside business goes.


  1. LED information boards


LED information boards are quite common in shopping malls. They provide detailed information about stores inside the shopping mall, their names, locations, shapes, and the services they provide. Some information boards integrated touch interactive performance to allow visitors acquire more details about the stores and services, or even provide online order services.


  1. LED signage and posters


LED signage and posters can be seen in shopping malls so that you can quickly find the stores you want to visit, know the products or service that a store provides, and clearly see where the restrooms are.

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Tips to use shopping mall LED display


Using LED displays in shopping malls are not as simple as you think. Well organized LED displays and specifically designed visual contents will attract more visitors and increase the transaction rate of a shopping mall.


  1. Orderly place LED displays


Orderly placing LED displays will give the visitors a better understanding of the services inside a shopping mall and a better environment for the visitors to stay. Use LED displays in different sizes, styles, and functions to let the visitors easily know where can read the most important information and where to see details. Don’t crowd the spaces with LED displays. This will disturb the visitors with excessive visual interference.


  1. Use well designed contents


The contents being displayed is another factor for a successful using of shopping mall LED displays. Before designing the contents for promoting your products or services, understand the inner requirement of your potential buyers first. Designing video contents from the buyers perspective is half the battle.


  1. Integrate interactive features


Integrating interactive features on shopping mall LED displays will add more attraction of the business inside. Interactive features allow visitors to get more engagement, hence a longer stay which can increase transaction rate.


  1. Update with real-time information


Some shopping malls may neglect real-time update of information, which result in confused understanding of the stores, products, or services. Incorrect information will reduce the visitors’ willing to stay in the mall, or even some of them won’t come again.


So always keep the contents updated for your shopping mall LED displays.