Large Format LED Display
Optronics Industry | 2024-06-19

Large format LED display defines a type of display technology that utilizes light emitting diodes (LEDs) to create visual outputs on a large scale. These displays are designed to be seen from far distances and are commonly used in various applications such as retail displays, out-of-home advertising, control rooms, sports arenas, and more.

large format LED display


What is large format LED display?


Large format LED display is not only much larger in size but also integrates the most advanced LED technologies to create astonishing 4K or even higher resolution. Large format LED display allows the audiences to watch ultra high quality visual contents at a relatively long distance.


Large format LED display has another significant difference from common LED display. It can display independent contents in various format, either pictures, videos, or texts simultaneously. This feature makes large format LED display a perfect choice for control rooms to monitor the situation in different places.


In addition, large format LED display usually operates 7*24 hours, which means large format LED display produces less heat and has better heat dissipation for long time operation.


Large format LED display also excels in contrast ratio and brightness to ensure better image quality and visibility at outdoors.

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Application of large format LED display


Large format LED displays are widely used in both outdoor and indoor environments. They can be seen at traffic conjunctions, control rooms, conventions, events, etc.


  1. Arenas, stadiums and sporting events


Large format LED displays usually appear at arenas, stadiums, and large sporting events.

Large format LED display will allow the audiences especially those sit far away from the center to get a high definition display of the performance of players, or highlights of the games, and real-time update of scores, etc.



  1. Control rooms


Control rooms utilize large format LED display to real-time monitor situations at different areas of a certain place, or supervise the operation of different functional machines or process.


  1. Transportation hubs


Large format LED displays can be widely seen at transportation hubs such as train stations, airports, subway interchanges. Large format LED displays are used to display bus, train, flight information which can be clearly seen by a large crowd and from long distance.


  1. Corporate and government offices


Corporate and government offices are also popular places for large format LED displays. Big companies and government offices use large format LED display to hold video conferences, present large visual contents, etc.


  1. Concerts and events


In large concerts and events, large format LED displays are necessary for delivering more engaged experience with high definition display of the real-time performances of stars, singers, dancers, etc.


  1. Shopping malls


Shopping malls also favour large format LED displays. They usually appear above the entrance of a shopping mall. Let the visitors quickly know about discounts and hot sale products.


  1. Schools and colleges


Large schools and colleges may also have large format LED displays for teaching and lecturing purpose. Large format LED displays help a better visual experience and can integrate different contents easily. Large format LED display usually appears at a multi-media room in schools and colleges.


Cost of large format LED display


In the past, LEDs can be quite expensive. But nowadays, as LED technology advances, the prices of LED displays become more reasonable, even large format LED displays.

Let’s see the prices of some popular large format LED displays.


  1. Promethean ActivPanel 9 Premium 75″ LED-backlit LCD display – 4K – for interactive communication: $4,247.99


  1. Promethean ActivPanel 9 75″ LED-backlit LCD display – 4K – for interactive communication: $3,827.99


  1. Newline TT-7521Q Q Series – 75″ LED-backlit LCD display – 4K – for interactive communication: $6,299.00


  1. Newline Q Pro Series 75″ 4K UHD LED-Backlit LCD Display with Native Google EDLA Certification: $3,849.99


  1. Newline TT-6521Q Q Series – 65″ LED-backlit LCD display – 4K – for interactive communication: $4,599.00


  1. Promethean ActivPanel LX 75″ LED-backlit LCD Display – 4K – No OS: $1,829.99


  1. Newline TT-8621Q Q Series – 86″ LED-backlit LCD display – 4K – for interactive communication: $8,199.00


  1. ViewSonic ViewBoard IFP7550-E1 – 4K Interactive Display with WiFi Adapter and Fixed Wall Mount – 75″: $3,087.00


  1. Samsung QE55T Smart Signage QET Series – 55″ Class LED-backlit LCD display – 4K UHD: $760.00


  1. Samsung QE85T QET Series – 85″ LED-backlit LCD display – 4K – for digital signage: $2,600.00