LED Billboard Truck, Reach Your Target Audience Across The Street
Optronics Industry | 2024-06-25

Outdoor advertising has a long history and is proved an efficient way to help various business to reach more target audiences. Famous companies like Apple, Amazon, McDonald use outdoor advertising a lot to improve their visibility worldwide. Nowadays as LED technology develops, LED displays are more widely used for outdoor advertising. Beyond the fixed installed outdoor LED billboards, a truck carrying LED billboards becomes popular because of its mobility, and we often call it an LED billboard truck.

LED Billboard Truck


What is an LED billboard truck?


An LED billboard truck, also known as a mobile LED billboard or digital billboard truck, is a vehicle equipped with large LED display panels mounted on its sides or rear. These mobile advertising platforms are designed to display, either static or dynamic, eye-catching content while being driven or parked in high-traffic areas.

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How does an LED billboard truck work?


Comparing with the fixed LED billboard staying up on a square or on the wall surface of a large building, LED billboard truck wins with its mobility to reach more target audiences of your business.


By investigating where your target audiences live or work, or where and when they often  appear, an LED billboard truck can maximize the outcome of advertising with LED displays while moving from places to places.


Benefits of LED billboard truck


  1. Flexible scheduling


LED billboard truck offers great flexibility for scheduling. You can make free changes over the locations, which day, what hours, and what weather conditions to promote your business. For example, you can advertise an umbrella at rainy days near a shopping mall, subway stations, etc. This will truly increase the reach of your audiences.


  1. Real-time adjustment

LED billboard truck also provides great convenience for real-time adjustment. You can either update new content or change both where and when to advertise for your business according to the performance of the last cruise on the streets.


  1. Flexible format to promote your business


LED billboard truck can display both static images and dynamic video content to suit different requirement. This can utilize the different features of static and dynamic content.

For example, it you want to the audience read and remember your contact information clearly, static images of phone numbers and emails work better; but if you want to show the detailed functions of a product, dynamic video content is a plus.


  1. Increase the visibility of your business


You can investigate and design an unique route for the LED billboard truck. This will max increase the visibility of business to your target audiences. Any kind of business has a certain scope of audiences. They may have certain kind of jobs, or have the same habit of living or purchasing, or live in certain areas, or use a certain route of public transportation, etc. By knowing the common features of your target audiences, you can make your use of LED billboard truck more specific and more helpful to promote your business.


  1. Broadcast your business with eye-catching content


With well designed and creative visual contents, LED billboard truck broadcasts your business in a more eye-catching way.


Get better results with LED billboard trucks


According to statistics, most of the users get better results with LED billboard trucks.


  1. Increased recall rate

The recall rate can reach 97% if you use an LED billboard truck.


  1. Audiences react more

52% of the audiences who see your business on an LED billboard truck will react on their mobile devices.


  1. High visibility to your target audiences

According to survey, over 90% of the people who walks or passes by an LED billboard truck will notice and see the ads on it.


  1. High impression among the audiences

An LED billboard truck can generate more than 30,000 impressions per day if you run it on a fully investigated route.

LED Billboard Truck



How much does an LED billboard truck cost?


There is a lot of factors that would affect the cost of an LED billboard truck, for example, the size and the quality of the LED displays, and the brand, type, and size of the truck itself.


If you’re going to purchase an LED billboard truck, the price may vary between $ 2,000 and $50,000, or even higher.


The more economic and commonly seen way of using an LED billboard truck, is to rent one for temporary use.


The cost of renting an LED billboard truck varies a lot too, depending on several factors, including the location, duration of the rental, size of the truck, and specific requirements of the advertising campaign.


Usually the cost of renting an LED billboard truck is rated per day. If you’re renting an LED billboard truck for static image advertisement, it will probably cost around hundred bucks; if you’re playing dynamic content on HD LED display, then you’ll pay more than 1,000 bucks a day, or even much higher if you have other special requirement.


As mentioned in the above, the cost of renting an LED billboard truck varies where you’re using it. If you’re going to rent one, it’s better to access your local supplier of LED billboard trucks as more as you can, ask them to quote for the prices. And then, comparing their services and prices, and find out the most appropriate one for your use.