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Kinglight 2727-KS4 LED Contributes to UEFA Euro 2024
News | 2024-06-24

On June 15, the UEFA Euro 2024 officially kicked off at the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany. Under the whistle of referee Clemet Turpin, Germany, as the host team, started the first game of UEFA Euro 2024 with Scotland. With the continuously shifting angles of the broadcast lenses, we not only witnessed the wonderful performance of the players and 6 exquisite goals, but also saw the eye-catching LED displays on the ceiling of the stadium and around the football field. Today, we’ll explore further into the application of LED displays in sports events and the hero behind high brightness outdoor LED displays – Kinglight 2727-KS4 LEDs.

UEFA Euro 2024

Opening Ceremony of UEFA Euro 2024


LED Displays Contribute Greatly to UEFA Euro 2024


Euro 2024 is still in full swing, and as the game progresses, we can see that LED displays cover almost every corner of every football stadium. For example, the Allianz Arena, as the stadium for the opening ceremony, has a 460-square-meter LED display, and the Veltins Arena in Gelsenkirchen also features a 280-square-meter LED display. In addition to these LED displays dedicated to live broadcasts of the matches, the facades of many stadiums are composed of many beautiful LED displays, and the LED billboards around the football fields are perfectly integrated with the Euro 2024, adding great engagement for the audiences with high-definition, high-color reproduction and high-dynamic visual content.

Allianz Arena

Allianz Arena was used for the opening ceremony of Euro 2024


The Real Hero Behind Modern LED Display Technology


With the continuous advancement of LED technology, the application of LED displays in sports events becomes more and more extensive. They not only appear in the Euro Cup, but also in major events such as the Olympics and the America’s Cup, and have become an indispensable part of sporting events. In sports events, LED displays can not only be used to play advertisements for the sponsors, but also to broadcast scores in real time, replay highlights, and magnify details of the competition, bringing a more immersive viewing experience to the audience. So, who is the real hero behind the modern LED display technology?


Obviously, LEDs, as the core components of LED displays, deserve the most credit. As a leading enterprise in LED packaging across China, Kinglight launched the 2727-KS4, a flagship version of LEDs with ultra-high brightness to meet the unique application scenarios of LED displays in large-scale sporting events.


Kinglight 2727-KS4 – Excellent Quality & Reliable Performance


As a flagship version of LED for outdoors, Kinglight 2727-KS4 not only has excellent brightness performance, but also features outstanding energy saving and color rendering performance.

Kinglight 2727 LED

Kinglight 2727-KS4 LED


Ultra High Brightness

Kinglight 2727-KS4 LED uses an ultra-large chip, which can achieve an ultra-high brightness of 10,000 nits, which ensures great visibility and high image quality at strong outdoor light; meanwhile, Kinglight 2727-KS4 LED can be used for outdoor naked-eye 3D LED displays.


Ultra Low Power Consumption:

Kinglight 2727-KS4 adopts a low-voltage design, which can significantly reduce the power consumption of the entire LED display; in addition, Kinglight provides a common cathode version to meet the client’s requirement of further reduction of power consumption.


High Color Rendering:

The LED chip of 2727-KS4 has good concentration and small wavelength deviation, which can perfectly present the original colors of the object.


Ultra Long Warranty:

Kinglight 2727-KS4 LED is packaged with high-quality raw materials and advanced designs for high reliability and excellent stability, and has passed various strict QC testing procedures before delivering to the clients. To further ensure the long term use of 2727-KS4 LED, Kinglight provides a 5-year ultra long warranty, which is much longer than those LEDs with a 1 or 2 year warranty.


Kinglight 2727-KS4 LED Copes with Extreme Weather Conditions


As a flagship version, Kinglight 2727-KS4 LED has excellent climate tolerance and can be applied in various extreme outdoor conditions, such as extreme cold, hot weather, etc.

outdoor extreme cold condition

outdoor extreme cold condition


hot and dry weather

hot and dry weather



Kinglight LEDs Widely Used in Various Sporting Events


Of course, in addition to the above mentioned Euro 2024, Kinglight 2727-KS4 and other LEDs are widely used in different sporting events, such as the World Cup, the Olympic Games, the Asian Games, and the University Games due to their excellent performance and stability. Let’s take a look at some projects of LED displays by Kinglight LEDs.


Beijing · 2022 Winter Olympics

Beijing · 2022 Winter Olympics


Qatar · FIFA World Cup 2022

Qatar · FIFA World Cup 2022


Hangzhou · 2023 The 19th Asia Games

Hangzhou · 2023 The 19th Asia Games


Chengdu · 2023 Summer World University Games

Chengdu · 2023 Summer World University Games