How to Maintain LED Signage for A Prolonged Life
Optronics Industry | 2024-06-26

LED signage plays a very important role to make your business, brand, products, and services stand out among the fierce competition in the market. LEDs are durable electronics and can last 5 to 10 years. But when it comes to the practical application scenarios, a lot of factors greatly affect the lifespan of your LED signage.  LED signage may operate under strong sunlight, huge rains, hot or cold weathers, and some of them may operate 24 hours a day. So if you want a prolonged life of your LED signage, proper maintenance is needed to keep your LED signage in the best conditions.

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Benefits of maintaining LED signage in the best condition


Maintaining your LED signage in good condition can bring a lot of benefits as well as a prolonged life.


  1. Less need of repairing

The first prominent benefit of LED signage maintenance is to identify and solve minor issues before they become big problems which only repairing can solve. This means not only less need of repairing but also less cost of the long term use of your LED signage.


  1. Optimize energy efficiency

LED signage is energy efficient since it’s based on LED technology. But if you don’t maintain it properly, a lot of factors can increase its power consumption. For example, excessive dust and dirt can block ventilation ports and increase the burden of cooling device, which result in high power consumption of the cooling device. In addition, regular maintenance can also detect faulty components and reduce energy waste caused by faulty components in time.


  1. Reduce cost of component replacement

Regular maintenance can timely find out tiny issues on the components and fix them with no need of component replacement. This will also reduce your cost of using an LED signage.


  1. Less breakdown and increased revenue

Well maintained LED signage has much less failure rate than those ones without proper cares. Less breakdown of your LED signage ensures a longer operation time of your LED signage, hence you get an increased revenue for your business.

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Tips for the maintenance of LED signage


Knowing the benefits of LED signage maintenance is only a step that helps us to recognize the importance of keeping LED signage in the best condition. But knowing how to do the maintenance, is obviously the most important part of the talk here. Now, let’s proceed to tips for LED signage maintenance.


  1. Regular cleaning


Either being used indoors or outdoors, LED signage is exposed to dust, dirt, or other debris in daily operation. If you don’t clean your LED signage, they will accumulate on the surface of LED signage and eventually will affect the ventilation of the cooling device and the brightness of the screen. So regular cleaning is needed.


Always use soft cloth being soaked with a mixture of mild detergent and water while cleaning your LED signage. And don’t forget to thoroughly dry it after cleaning.


Things to avoid while cleaning your LED signage:

Avoid using abrasive materials or strong chemicals;

Don’t spray cleaning solution directly onto your LED signage;

Don’t use cleaners containing alcohol, solvents or corrosive ingredients to prevent damage to the LED or coating.


  1. Keep an appropriate ambient temperature


LED signage generates heat during operation. So it’s important to keep an appropriate ambient temperature to reduce the burden of cooling device of an LED signage. Too hot temperature will cause thermal stress and degrade both the performance and life of your LED signage. In addition, too low temperature will also degrade your LED signage.


Always check the ventilation systems of your LED signage, see if the ventilation fans operate well, or if the vent port is jammed, or if the heat sinks are clean and work well. If any issue is detected, timely maintain and fix it in time.


  1. Ensure a stable power supply


Inadequate or fluctuating power supply will also affect the performance, such as irregular brightness, inaccurate colors, etc, and also the lifespan of your LED signage. Always use stable power source and reliable power lines for your LED signage, and check if there is any malfunction in the inside circuit connections of your LED signage; if so, fix them for a stable power connection.


  1. Regular inspection


Regularly inspect your LED signage and check if there is inconsistent color display or brightness between LED pixels or loose connections between components. This will help you quick find out some visible issues and fix them in time.


  1. Never display still images for a long time


Displaying still images for a long time will cause screen burn-in issue to your LED signage. You should regularly change different contents if you’re displaying still images on your LED signage.


  1. Protect your LED signage from lightning


Lightning can cause severe damage to your LED signage. You can apply protection device onto it to prevent it from happening especially when you’re operating an LED signage at thunderstorm commonly seen areas.


  1. Timely update software


Timely update software for your LED signage with the latest version from the manufacturer. This will allow new features, bug fixing, and enhanced security of your LED signage.


In conclusion, keep a regular maintenance with the above mentioned tips will help a more stable and reliable performance of your LED signage in daily use, and a prolonged life in the future.