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Kinglight will attend ISE 2024
Activity | 2024-01-16

As a leading enterprise in optoelectronic semiductor R&D and manufacturing in China, Kinglight had participated in the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in the past 9 years. And this year again, we’ll be a part of this global feast for professional audiovisual and electronic systems integration industries. Kinglight sincerely invite you to visit us during the expo.


Brief Information about ISE 2024

Integrated Systems Europe



Date: 30th, Jan – 2nd, Feb, 2024

Address: Fira de Barcelona, Spain

Area: 60,000 + m2

Exhibitors: 1,300 +

Estimated Visitors: 130,000 +

Coverage: 160+ countries & regions


[Data from ISE]


Kinglight Booth at ISE 2024


Booth: 3T620, Hall 3

Area: 50 m2

Invitation Code: DAQFP73L

Kinglight Booth at ISE 2024

Kinglight Booth at ISE 2024


Note: visitors can use the invitation code to acquire tickets for the expo.


Brand new products at Kinglight booth on ISE 2024


This year, we’ll bring a wide variety of brand new displaying LEDs to ISE 2024.


1. LEDs for stage rental displays


Innovative Structure Design

TOP 4-in-1 design for 5 times higher thrust than regular LEDs to enhance anti-bump performance and effectively solve the issue of LEDs falling off the screen, which is commonly seen in stage display rental market


Higher Contrast

Smaller lens for prominently increased contrast of the screen to provide audiences visual feasts with much better displaying effect

Kinglight 2020-S2B LED Display Lamps

Kinglight 2020-S2B LED adopts small lens design for higher contrast


Higher Brightness for Outdoor Rental

For outdoor rental, screen brightness can reach 5,000 nits or above with less power consumption, less screen heat, and a longer life.


2. LEDs for high-end fixed displays


Transparent Lens Design

Brightness reaches 10,000 nits + to cope with outdoor strong light and ensure clear image display for glasses free 3D displays

Kinglight 2727-A4-T70 LED

Kinglight SMD 2727-A4-T70 LED adopts a transparent dome design for 14,000 nits brightness


Energy Saving

Low current operation to reduce power consumption; provide customized service of common cathode designed LEDs to further decrease power consumption


Ultra-long Warranty

Adopt high quality raw material for stability, reliability and an ultra-long life to meet the demand of long time outdoor operation and minimized failure rate; KS series LEDs provide 5 years warranty.


3. LEDs for cinemas, VP / XR studios


Cinema Level Wide Color Gamut

P3 color gamut coverage reaches >98%; provide customized production in accordance with specific current input to ensure color gamut coverage

Kinglight MC1515PRGBW-M1 Display LED

Kinglight MC1515PRGBW-M1 Display LED



High Brightness

RGB+W design for brightness over 5,000 nits and ideal choice for sky screens


High Color Rendering Index

Additional white light source for color rendering index (CRI) over 90 to ensure excellent color reproduction


4. MiP LEDs


All Scenarios & Diversified Applications


MiP series LEDs can be applied in different scenarios: MC0404, MC0505 and MC0606 for micro pixel pitch displays; MC0606-P3 for LED cinemas; MC1515RGBW for virtual production / XR studios ; MC1010 for outdoor UHD displays

Kinglight SMD0606 Micro Pitch Display LED

Kinglight SMD0606 Micro Pitch Display LED


Kinglight at ISE in the past years


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Kinglight at ISE 2019


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