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Kinglight Debuted at SLS Expo with Brand New LEDs for Displays
News | 2024-05-13

Kinglight debuted with its brand new LEDs for displays at the Saudi Light & Sound Expo (SLS) 2024 in Riyadh Front Exhibition & Conference Center on May 7th o 9th.

Kinglight Debut at SLS Expo

Kinglight debuted at SLS Expo


The Saudi Light & Sound Expo is one of the most influential exhibition focusing on stage lighting and audiovisual equipment in Middle East. It attracted more than 300 suppliers across the globe this year.


Kinglight, as a leading enterprise of LED package, attended the SLS expo first time. At booth 3D389, Kinglight showcased its brand new LEDs for rental displays, fixed LED displays, virtual production and extended reality (XR) studios, cinema displays, fine pitch LED displays, etc.


It indicates that Kinglight has accelerated the entry of Saudi Arabia and Middle East market of audiovisual equipment.

Kinglight booth at SLS Expo

Kinglight attracted a lot of visitors at SLS expo.


Saudi Arabia Market – New Opportunity for Entertainment Industry


Saudi Arabia, as a country with a population of more than 30 million and a clear youth trend, has huge potential in the entertainment industry.  According to statistics, about 80% of Saudi Arabia’s entertainment activities take place outside the country, which means that the local entertainment market in Saudi Arabia has huge room for development. As Saudi Arabia’s “Vision 2030” clearly proposes to vigorously develop the sports and entertainment industry, the regional market will usher in unprecedented development opportunities and bring huge market dividends to related industries.

Kinglight at SLS Expo

Kinglight sales introduced LEDs to the visitors.


Kinglight – Inject New Vitality into Saudi Entertainment Industry


As a leading enterprise in LED package, Kinglight has keenly captured the opportunity to inject new vitality into Saudi entertainment industry with its innovative and quality LEDs for displays and showcased a variety of LEDs at the SLS expo.


To meet with market demand for high quality LEDs (for displays), Kinglight launched upgraded version of LEDs for stage rental displays, including the 1415 (for P1.8 – P3.0 LED display) and the 2020 (for P2.6 – P3.9 LED display). These LEDs utilize unique design of a smaller luminous area to increase contrast ratio for the display as well as high brightness, consistency, and reliability. With brightness over 1,000 nits, these LEDs are the number one choices for top quality rental displays with astonishing visual impact.


For higher anti-bump performance of rental LED displays, Kinglight developed the 4260 (for P2.6 LED display) and 4195 (for P1.95 LED display) LEDs. The two LEDs adopt 4-in-1 design for 5 time higher thrust than conventional LEDs, which prevent issues of LEDs falling of the screen due to a lack of thrust while bumping.The 4-in-1 LEDs are more reliable solutions for rental displays.


Kinglight also manufactures high brightness LEDs for outdoor rental displays, including the 1820-CS1, 1820-CS2, and 1820-BB LEDs. These LEDs can produce over 5,000 nit brightness with ultra long life, high contrast ratio, and high consistency. They also ensure a stable display in long time operation without light attenuation or color offset.


In addition, Kinglight also exhibited the high-end KS series LEDs for fixed LED displays, and the MC0404, MC0505, and MC0606 for fine pitch display, the MC0606-P3 for LED cinema display, and MC1515 RGBW for virtual production display, etc. It fully demonstrates Kinglight’s outstanding technical strength and complete market layout in the field of MIP packaging, and can inject new vitality into the prosperity and development of Saudi Arabia’s entertainment industry.


A Review of Kinglight at SLS Expo


Kinglight’s debut at SLS expo is surely successful. Kinglight not only showcased cutting-edge LEDs (for displays) but also demonstrated the strength in LED packaging to the visitors. In the future, Kinglight will continue to delve into the Saudi market and contribute more wisdom and strength to the development of the Saudi entertainment industry.