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Kinglight Attend The LED Display & MLED Market Increment Analysis Summit 2024
News | 2024-02-28

On 28th, Feb, the 2024 LED Display and MLED Market Increment Analysis Summit was held in the Convention Bay Banquet Hall on the first floor of the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center. Well-known companies in the LED display industry across China such as CVTE, Unilumin, Liyard all participated. Kinglight, as a leading enterprise in LED packaging, was invited to in this summit. At the meeting, Mr. Yan Chunwei, the R&D director of Kinglight LED Packaging Division, delivered a speech on the theme of “Technical Requirements and Solutions for LED Cinema Screens”, detailing the development background of film and television LED display technology, film and television LED technical requirements and solutions, and crystal Characteristics of Taiwan film and television LED series products, etc.


Significant Growth of Global Virtual Production & LED Cinema Market


According to statistics from Hangjiashuo, the global virtual production market grew year by year and reached nearly 2 billion RMB in 2023. Global famous film companies, such as Universal Pictures, Disney, Warner Bros., Netflix, Amazon, Sony, Apple, etc., have successively built their own virtual studios. In addition, film and television crews have also adopted virtual studios for film production. Virtual production has gradually become one of the standard configurations for film and television shooting and large-scale events.


In the LED cinema screen market, China LED display companies have entered a period of intensive deployment. Currently, 9 companies and 20 products have obtained DCI certification.


Mr. Yan, R&D Director of Kinglight LED Packaging

Mr. Yan Chunwei, R&D Director of Kinglight LED Packaging at the summit


LED Display Requirements and Solutions for Cinemas & Virtual Production


On the summit, Mr. Yan Chunwei, the R&D Director of Kinglight LED Packaging Division, elaborated on the requirements and solutions for cinema LED display technology based on the development background of cinema LED display market. Mr. Yan said that the movie projection industry has experienced three different periods: kinet projectors, film projectors, and digital projectors. Nowadays, LED cinemas have gradually become the mainstream. From incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, hernia lamps, to laser lamps, to self-luminous LED displays, the times are developing and technology is advancing.


The move production industry has also gone through different stages such as miniature reproduction, real-life reproduction, and green screen shooting, and LED virtual studios are gradually developing and growing. Domestic LED virtual studio technology has also been widely recognized by customers at home and abroad, such as Absen’s virtual production studio in Florida, AOTO Toei virtual studio, Leyard Malanshan virtual studio, etc.


Mr. Yan said that LED display devices need to comply with the DCI-P3 color gamut characteristics, that is, have excellent color reproduction capabilities, excellent display consistency, high dynamic HDR performance, high contrast and low reflection characteristics, in order to be competent in building LED cinema screens. .


Kinglight LED Solutions


In the speech, Mr. Yan also gave detailed introduction of Kinglight LED products for LED cinema screens and LED screens for virtual production, the P3 series and XR series LEDs.


Kinglight P3 series LEDs include 1010-P3, 1415-P3, 2020-P3, and the new MIP product MC0606-P3 with multiple application scenarios. Kinglight P3 series LED not only has a P3 color gamut coverage of up to 99%, but also supports high dynamic range (HDR) image refinement processing, a high contrast ratio of 20000:1 and other performance advantages, making it very suitable for single rooms of LED cinema screens.


Kinglight XR series LEDs include the 1212-XR, 1415-XR and 1515RGBW.

Kinglight XR series LED

Comparison of Kinglight XR series LED with conventional LED


Kinglight XR series LEDs also have excellent DCI-P3 color gamut coverage and adopt an ultimate matte black design to ensure excellent ink color consistency. In addition, this series of products also adopts a large viewing angle design, which not only expands the display angle, but also reduces the problem of module color cast at different angles, and comprehensively enhances the three-in-one color mixing effect.


Kinglight XR series LED

LED display panel comparison