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ISLE 2024 Focus – Visual Feast by Kinglight LEDs
News | 2024-03-01

On February 29th, the 2024 International Smart Display and Integrated System Exhibition (ISLE 2024 for short) was held in Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center. The exhibition mainly focuses on LED displays, including small pixel pitch, ultra-high definition, XR virtual production, and glasses free 3D screens, 5G+ smart applications, LED industry chain products, audio-visual integrated applications, and system solutions, etc. More than 1,000 LED industry chain companies participated the exhibition. The ISLE 2024 is a show for high-end LED display technologies and products and aims to lead a new trend in LED industry in 2024!

ISLE 2024

ISLE sign stood at the entrance of ISLE 2024.


ISLE 2024

Worldwide manufactures and buyers crowded at the venue of ISLE 2024, Shenzhen World Convention and Exhition Center.


As a leading enterprise in LED packaging industry across China, Kinglight is showcasing various flagship LEDs for stage rental, high-end fixed, outdoor UHD, virtual production and XR, cinema, and mini/micro pixel pitch LED screens, etc., at ISLE 2024.

ISLE 2024-Kinglight Booth

ISLE 2024-Kinglight Booth


ISLE 2024-Kinglight MiP LED

HD LED screens made of Kinglight MiP LEDs attracted worldwide buyers of LEDs and manufacturers of LED displays.


Kinglight LEDs for Indoor & Outdoor Stage Rental LED  Screens


For indoor rental screens, Kinglight has upgraded versions of LEDs with small lens opening for increased contrast, high uniformity, highly protective, and high brightness over 1,000 nits, that can effectively enhance the overall performance of stage rental screens.

Kinglight SMD4260 LED Display Lamp

Kinglight SMD4260 4-in-1 LED  provides more thrust to ensure anti-bump performance while using LED screens


To solve the issues of LEDs’ falling off the LED screen while using, Kinglight 4260 (P2.6)and 4195 (P1.95) utilize TOP 4-in-1 design with great anti-bump performance and offer 5 times higher thrust than conventional LEDs.

Kinglight 2727-A4-T70 LED

Kinglight 2727-A4-T70 LED (SMD2727 LED) for LED video walls, LED screens


For outdoor rental screens, Kinglight develops LEDs with brightness over 5,000 nits, ultra-long life, high contrast and uniformity, that solves light decay and color offset issues caused by long time outdoor operation.


Kinglight LEDs for High-end Fixed LED Screens


For high-end fixed LED screens, Kinglight offers KS flagship LED series with the best performance in energy saving, ultra-long life and high brightness, and also an ultra-long warranty period. In addition, Kinglight launches LEDs with brand new and unique lens design for over 10, 000 nits to cope with strong outdoor light and meet the demand of high-end fixed and glasses-free 3D displays.


Kinglight LEDs for LED Cinemas


For LED cinemas, Kinglight has a variety of P3 color gamut LEDs including MC0606-P3, 1010-P3, 1415-P3, and 2020-P3 with following characteristics: color gamut coverage >98%, achieving cinema-level wide color gamut; high consistency , can present accurate P3 color gamut under different brightness levels, and the color still maintains uniform display pixels under low current; high contrast, up to 20000:1, effectively improves the contrast between light and dark, superior display effect; supports high dynamic range (HDR) Image refinement technology makes the image quality more vivid and lifelike.


Kinglight LEDs for Virtual Production & XR Studios

Kinglight SMD1415 LED Display Lamp

Kinglight SMD1415 LED

For virtual production and XR studios, Kinglight 1212-XR, 1415-XR and 1515 RGBW LEDs offer the best solution. Among them, the new 1515 RGBW utilizes RGB+W design and is suitable for LED sky screens with brightness over 5,000 nits, perfectly displaying a virtual but realistic scenes ; the additional white light source offers the LED a color rendering index of over 90, that ensures the best color restoration for virtual production.

Kinglight MC1515PRGBW-M1 Display LED

Kinglight MC1515PRGBW-M1  LED for virtual production and XR studios



Kinglight MiP LEDs for All Scenario Applications



As an enterprise that early released MiP LEDs, Kinglight now offers various MiP LEDs for all scenarios application after years of development.


Kinglight MC0404N-M1 Micro LED

Kinglight MC0404N-M1 Micro LED


For micro pixel pitch displays, the MC0404, MC0505, and MC0606 LEDs bring users a more delicate and clear visual experience with excellent display uniformity and ultra-high contrast; for outdoor UHD displays, the MC1010 series LEDs, featured with ultra-high definition and large display angle, effectively avoid poor display performance in outdoor environments and provide strong support for urban lighting and advertising; for VP/XR and LED cinema, the MC0606-P3 LED, featured with high brightness, wide color gamut, good black color consistency and high compatibility, brings the audiences more realistic and impressive movie watching experience; the MC1515 RGBW LED ensures a more stable and reliable display of realistic environment for virtual production with its reliable performance and high protection design.


Kinglight Won Two Influential Awards in LED Industry


Kinglight won the ISLE 2024 “Mini/Micro LED Innovation Award” with the MiP0404 LED and won the “Best Annual Technology Breakthrough Award” with the independently developed MiP (Mini/Micro LED in Package) technology among the “Best of Year” 2023 annual list in the information and audio-visual industry. These two awards fully showcase Kinglight’s strength in LED package and contributions to the industry, which assist the development of the smart display and integrated system market.

"Best of Year" Award for LED Packaging

Kinglight won the “Best of Year” award because of the breakthrough in Micro in Package (MiP LED) technology.


Over the years, with profound insights over LED market, Kinglight keeps innovation and has brought a wide variety of high-quality, high-performance, and creative LEDs for screen displays and injects great vitality into the industry.


Looking to the future, Kinglight will continue to adhere to the concept of innovation, quality and service, rely on its strong full-scenario display LED R&D capabilities, lead the healthy and orderly development of the industry, and do the best to contribute for the growth of LED display industry.