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Kinglight Shines at InfoComm China 2024: All-scenario LEDs Lead A New Era of Audiovisual
News | 2024-04-18

InfoComm China 2024, the most influential audio-visual and integrated systems exhibition in Asian-Pacific region, opened on April 17th at the China National Convention Center. The exhibition brings together a large number of world-leading professional audio-visual solutions and integrated system technology suppliers for different vertical industries. It is the best platform for various industries to promote innovative technologies and exchange industry solutions.

InfoComm China 2024

InfoComm China 2024 attracts worldwide visitors.


As a leading LED package enterprise across China, Kinglight also attended the exhibition and showcased various new LEDs (for displays), focusing on the new trend of scenario-based audio-visual industry, especially presenting the latest products and technologies in the fields of MiP LEDs for micro-pitch displays, LEDs for virtual production and extended reality, for cinema screens, rental displays, high-end fixed screens, etc., empowering diversified industries to innovate and upgrade the new audio-visual experience with full-scenario LED solutions, and helping to accelerate the implementation of LED display application scenarios.

Kinglight booth at InfoComm China 2024

Kinglight booth at InfoComm China 2024


MiP Technology Accelerates The Implementation of Mini/Micro LEDs


Global economy is gradually recovering from the coronal virus pandemic. With the increasing popularity of 5G+8K technology, and the in-depth promotion of digital visualization applications, the audio-visual markets such as AI intelligence, smart cities, and creative scenes have shown an unprecedented growth, providing a broader stage for the widespread application of Mini/Micro LED displays.


The further expansion of the Mini/Micro LED market is inseparable from the industry’s micro-pitch technology innovation and cost optimization of large-scale mass production. In order to meet these challenges. Kinglight continues to deepen the research and innovation of MIP technology and promote LED iteration and upgrading in multiple key areas.

Kinglight booth at InfoComm China 2024

Kinglight showcases MiP LEDs at InfoComm China 2024


In this year’s InfoComm China expo, Kinglight showcases a series of new LEDs utilizing MiP packaging technology, including MC0404, MC0505, MC0606, etc.


These LEDs are versatile and can be packaged into a variety of LED modules in different pixel pitches, from P0.6 to 1.25, while maintaining excellent performance in display uniformity, compatibility, reliability, protection, black color consistency, contrast ratio and viewing angles. These LED modules are suitable for diversified scenarios such as mini/micro pitch LED displays, outdoor ultra-high definition screens, screens for virtual production and extended reality (XR), cinema displays, etc.


All-scenario High-end Customization To Lead The New Trend of Audiovisual Industry


In order to adapt to the rapidly growing ultra-high-definition display needs of the audio-visual industry, Kinglight also brought full-scenario high-end customized LEDs to meet the needs of various new scenarios, new fields, and new technologies at InfoComm China 2024.


Broadcasting & TV Production Market: Breakthroughs in Both Virtual Production & Cinema Displays



Virtual Production & Extended Reality (XR)


Kinglight 1515 RGBW is an innovative LED with an additional white light source for enhanced virtual production of realistic environment. It features high color rendering index for vivid color reproduction and a wide viewing angle with integrated structure in its functional area, which is conducive to creating a 360-degree panoramic LED virtual studio, bringing the audiences a more realistic and immersive visual experience.

Kinglight LEDs for Virtual Production & Extended Reality

Kinglight LEDs for virtual production and cinema screens attracted great attention.


LED Cinema


Kinglight’s cinema-grade LEDs include MC0606-P3, 1010-P3, 1415-P3, and 2020-P3. These LEDs can be used for ultra-high-definition home theaters and IMAX giant screens. With DCI-P3 color gamut coverage over 99%, these LEDs can display bright and vivid colors, with delicate and realistic light and dark contrast, truly achieving cinema-level wide color gamut.


For High-end Fixed Displays: Brand New & Creative LEDs


For high-end fixed displays, Kinglight also demonstrates strong innovation capabilities.

Kinglight LEDs for high-end fixed displays

Visitors are interested in Kinglight LEDs for high-end fixed displays.


Kinglight developed new LEDs, such as 2727-A4-T70 LED with unique lens design for much higher brightness of LED modules, reaching over 10,000 nits to cope with strong ambient light, which can be widely used for high-end fixed displays as well as glasses free 3D displays.


For Rental Screens: Higher Thrust 4-in-1 LEDs to Solve Persistent Issues

Kinglight High Thrust LEDs for Rental Displays

Kinglight sales introduces LEDs for rental displays



In order to solve the commonly seen issue that LEDs falling off from LED panels in display rental market, Kinglight developed the 4260-S1 (for P2.6 display) and 4195-S1 (for P1.95 display that adopt TOP four-in-one design with 6 times higher thrust than traditional LEDs.


InfoComm China 2024 is still in progress. We sincerely invite you to join us at booth EF10-01 to witness the innovative technologies brought by Kinglight in the LED field. We look forward to working with you to create a better future for display!