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China “Evaluation Method for Comfort of Mini/Micro LED Direct Display” Is Officially Issued
News | 2024-01-09

On 15th, December,2023, the China group standard of Evaluation method for comfort of Mini/Micro LED direct display was officially issued, which means, in China, the standard method for the evaluation of the comfort of Mini/Micro LED direct displays had established, and be put into implement on 31st, December.


Evaluation Method for Comfort of Mini/Micro LED Direct Display

China Group Standard of “Evaluation Method for Comfort of Mini/Micro LED Direct Display” issued by Shenzhen Lighting & Display Association



In recent years, the Mini LED and Micro LED display industry in China grows rapidly with expanded production capacity, further optimized cost, continuously improved performance, and new cost-effective terminal products have continued to emerge. Mini/Micro LED displays become a mainstream technology in high-end fields such as large screens, TVs, mobile phones, and car displays.


However, restricted by the imperfect quality infrastructure system, there are still bottlenecks in China’s Mini/Micro LED display industry. To solve these kinds of fundamental issues, China government has carried out a R&D program named as “National Quality Infrastructure System” (NQI) with “Mini/Micro LED direct display ultra-high-definition display NQI key technology integrated application demonstration” as the key project to accelerate Mini/Micro LED display growth and development.


As a part of the national program, the China Institute of Standardization recently initiated the draft of the industry’s first “Mini/Micro LED direct display comfort evaluation method” along with Shenzhen Lighting and Display Association.


As a member of the association and a pioneer in micro pitch LED display lamps manufacturing in China, Kinglight also took part in and played an important role for the draft of the new standard for mini/micro LED display industry.


According to the association, the newly issued group standard filled a gap in mini and micro LED industry. As one of the important topics of the “Mini/Micro LED direct display ultra-high definition display NQI key technology integrated application demonstration”, this standard focuses on the viewing comfort of Mini/Micro LED direct display screens, and  establishes comprehensive technical standards, including general optical properties, physical performance, visual health requirement, screen quality, and many other aspects for quality evaluation of Mini/Micro LED direct displays. It can be also a guidance for R&D and innovations in mini LED and micro LED display industry.

micro LED display

micro LED display


As a leading enterprise in LED display industry across China, Kinglight had already deployed in the field of Mini/Micro LED displays years ago and developed a wide variety of mini LED and micro LED lamps with high contrast, brightness, uniformity, ink color consistency, and wide viewing angle for impeccable visual experience.


At present, kinglight has participated in the drafting and formulation of the “Technical Requirements for Ultra-HD Ultra-Fine Pitch LED Displays”, “General Technical Specifications for Mini LED Commercial Displays”, “General Technical Specifications for Micro LED Displays”, “Leader of LED Displays Evaluation Requirements” and many other industry standards, which help the growth of China’s LED industry with higher standards.