Complete Guide for Transparent LED Display
Optronics Industry | 2023-12-26

Transparent LED displays, also known as see-through LED display, along with Mini LED displays and Micro LED displays, are technological advancements for the display market. But most people don’t know how they can be transparent and how they operate. In this article, we’ll guide you through common knowledge about transparent LED displays and hope it will let you know better about this new technology in LED display industry.

Transparent LED display

Transparent LED display


What is a transparent LED display?


A transparent LED display is a display using LEDs (light emitting diodes) projecting lights onto transparent material to create images so we can see from both sides of the screen.


How does a transparent LED display work?


A transparent LED display combines LED backlight and transparent LCD glass. This combination allows light from the LED to pass through the LCD glass. It produces bright, clear images that appear to float in mid-air.


The LEDs in the LED transparent screen are arranged in a matrix and driven by a controller. The controller sends a signal to each individual LED. Therefore, it forms a different image on the screen.


Additionally, transparent LED screens have up to millions of tiny LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). These LEDs are sandwiched between two layers of film. The top layer is transparent to allow light to pass through. However, the bottom layer is reflective and reflects light back to the viewer’s eyes. LEDs emit light with different colors and brightness levels. They are combined to create images and videos.


A transparent LED screen also has wide viewing angles. Therefore, people can see the image from any angle without distortion or blurring. Additionally, the LED behind the image or video will turn off, while the LED in front will remain on. This makes the display appear as if it is transparent and allows us to see through it.


How we make transparent LED screens


Transparent LED displays are unique combinations of materials and components. The key factor is the two layers of glasses, which are treated with anti-glare and anti-reflective coatings. It makes the transparent LED display clearly visible even in direct sunlight. In addition, a thin transparent LCD panel is placed between these two layers of glass. This transparent LCD panel contains thousands of pixels. It can be lit independently by LED.

Interesting and easy-to-understand video for building transparent LED display by MileStrong


The LEDs are mounted on the back of the display with a layer of light diffuser on top. This helps distribute the light from the LED evenly across the screen. On top of that, a layer of polarizer helps control the brightness and color of the light. Finally, transparent panels cover the entire structure. It then creates a seamless, vibrant image without any visible seams or edges.

SMD1515 LED Screen Lamps

Kinglight SMD1515 LED Screen Lamps developed for transparent LED display construction



Common advantages of transparent LED displays


Transparent LED displays have a lot of advantages when being compared with traditional LED displays. They’re cost saving, less noisy and more convenient for installation and maintenance.

Below are some common advantages why you should choose transparent LED displays.


  1. Easy installation and maintenance


Transparent LED displays have independent modules for separate installation. They can be easily replaced and makes convenient maintenance accessible for users with no expertise in LED display.


  1. Easy to use


Transparent LED displays connect to the computer system and users can update the displaying content anytime they want; it can be also controlled through mobile devices.


  1. High brightness for daytime display


Transparent LED displays also support high brightness display to attract more attention. This feature also gives a crystal clear look for the images at night and during the day. Also, transparent LED displays have option for brightness adjusting to suit different weather conditions and environmental brightness.


  1. High transparency rate


Transparent LED displays have 70%, 80% and up to 90% transparency rates, making them better than the average display effect you find with other screens.


The higher transparency rate the transparent LED display have, the better displaying effect you get for your commercial advertisement.


  1. No air-conditioner and saves energy


Transparent LED displays are efficient in heat dissipation, so no air conditioner is needed for cooling down the device. Transparent LED displays consumes much less power and are ideal choice for commercial operation which requires lower cost for max profit. In addition, transparent LED display can be maintained from the rear, which is quite convenient for long term operation too.


  1. Compact and lightweight


Transparent LED displays are usually compact and lightweight for convenient and easy installation. They take up less space and can be installed almost anywhere. They are ideal choice for shopping malls, stage performances, and other places.


Where we see transparent LED displays


Transparent LED displays can be widely seen in various sites like shopping centers, transportation conjunctions, convention centers, architectural landmarks in big cities. They’re commonly used for below purposes and occasions.


  1. Shopping malls


Shopping malls are popular places for transparent LED displays. They can act as a guide for customers or advertise for products. With low power consumption, they’re ideal for 7*24 hours operation.


  1. Outdoor billboards


Transparent LED displays are constructed with solid and flexible material, Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) or Polycarbonate (PC), so they can be installed for outdoor billboards purpose without being damage from external factors.

In addition, these materials are also environment friendly.


  1. Traffic conjunctions


Traffic conjunctions like airports and large train stations are also popular places for transparent LED displays. These places are perfect for commercial advertising. Big company and brand won’t miss the chance to propaganda their products and business.


  1. Show rooms


Show rooms for products, services or business demonstration also need transparent LED displays to give the content better and attractive displaying effect.


  1. Big events, stages and concerts


Transparent LED screen also plays an important role for large events like Olympic games, World Expo, FIFA World Cup, large concerts and influential stage affairs. In these big events, not only the performance itself is the main theme, but also the aiding equipment like LED displays are crucial for the overall effect.


  1. Glass curtain walls


Transparent LED displays can be used for building glass curtain walls, perhaps one of the most commonly seen occasions. They can give the building a brilliant, and vibrant looking from the outside, and meanwhile, provide a better lighting for the inside.

transparent LED display

transparent LED display work as glass curtain wall




As global economy grows and the demand for creative advertising increases, surely transparent LED displays will be more and more popular, and you’ll see them appear in more and more places.