Kinglight LEDs for Outdoor Displays (I)
Optronics Industry | 2024-07-05

As an energy efficient display solution, LED screens are widely used in entertainment, exhibitions, conferences for either business promotion or broadcast of public information. LED displays are quite welcome among end users. And as LED display technology continues to evolve, new features emerge and the application scenarios of LED displays become more specific. New creative displays, such as flexible, transparent, or naked eye 3D LED screens, appears and are expanding their market shares because of their unique visual experiences. But no matter how LED displays evolve, when we’re going to get an LED display, the first thing we should consider is whether the screen is being used for indoors or outdoors. Here in this article, we’ll discuss what outdoor LED displays are, and give a comprehensive introduction about Kinglight LEDs for outdoor LED displays, including their varieties, features, technical advantages for outdoor applications, etc.

Outdoor LED Display


What is outdoor LED display?


An outdoor LED display, as its name says, is a type of LED screen that works at outdoors. Generally, an outdoor LED display should withstand tough outdoor conditions, such as hot or cold weathers, strong outdoor light, rains and wet environment, ultraviolet, etc. Thus, an outdoor LED display should have strong weather resistance, high brightness, humidity proof, and anti-yellowing performances. In addition, an outdoor LED display usually operates much longer time than an indoor LED display, so it also excels in energy saving.


Kinglight LEDs for Outdoor Displays – Different Sizes for Wide Coverage of Pixel Pitches


Kinglight has developed a wide variety of LEDs for either fixed or rental outdoor LED displays. This ensures a wide coverage of pixel sizes for the manufacturing of LED displays in different pixel pitches.


Kinglight LEDs for Outdoor Displays

Kinglight LEDs for Outdoor LED Displays

Kinglight LEDs for Outdoor Displays – Different Varieties for Different Application Scenarios


As described in the above table, Kinglight LEDs for outdoor displays can be used for semi-outdoor fixed displays, outdoor rental and fixed displays, and high definition outdoor LED displays.


  1. Outdoor Rental LED Display


Kinglight LEDs for outdoor rental LED display mainly include 1820-CS1, 1820-CS2, and 1820-BB LED. They offer below features to meet the requirement of outdoor rental service.


1-1. High Brightness

Ensure over 5,000 nits screen brightness to meet the requirement of outdoor rental service; consume less power to reduce screen heat and prolong the service life.


1-2. Ultra Long Life

Utilize copper frame to reduce heat resistance for decreased temperatures of LED chips; utilize heat-resistant and UV-resistant glue for packaging and die attach to reduce modular color offset and prolong service life.


1-3. High Contrast Ratio

Adopt creative frame design to increase contrast ratio of the screen and meet the high requirement of display effect at outdoor rental service.


1-4. High Uniformity

Utilize more accurate bin classification to ensure high color uniformity of outdoor rental LED displays.


  1. Outdoor Fixed Displays


Kinglight LEDs for outdoor fixed LED displays usually have much higher brightness than LEDs for outdoor rental displays, and includes the KS flagship series, and other 2727 and 3535 LEDs, and a 2727 LED with a transparent lens. These LEDs offers advanced features as below.


2-1. Ultra High Brightness

Ultra high brightness to cope with strong outdoor light and provide clear images; can be used for manufacturing of naked eye 3D LED displays.


2-2. High Energy Efficient

Low voltage operation to effectively reduce screen power consumption and the cost to run outdoor fixed LED displays.


2-3. High Stability

Utilize large LED chips, copper frames, imported glues to enhance air-tightness and stability of the LEDs.


2-4. Ultra Long Warranty

Offer high reliability, stability, ultra long service life, and much less failure rate for outdoor application; KS series offer 5 years ultra long warranty.


  1. Outdoor Ultra High Definition LED Displays


LEDs for outdoor ultra high definition LED displays include the MIP1010-M2 (for semi-outdoor), 1112, and 1515 LEDs.

Kinglight MiP1010 LED

Kinglight MIP1010-M2 LED for semi-outdoor display


3-1. Ultra High Definition

Suitable for P1.25 – P4.0 ultra high definition outdoor LED displays


3-2. High Brightness

Brightness can reach 6,000 nits, which is quite adequate for outdoor application.


3-3. Lower Power Consumption

Less power consumption at same brightness for long term outdoor operation


3-4. High Protection

Utilize high air-tight design to increase water proof, anti-corrosion, and weather resistance performance


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