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Behind 5G+8K Hundreds of Cities and Thousands of Screens, See How Kinglight Sees Bigger Things in Smaller Things
News | 2023-09-27


On February 1, 2021, the launch ceremony of CCTV’s 8K UHD TV channel broadcasting trial was held in Beijing, officially announcing the start of CCTV’s first 8K UHD TV channel trial, marking the world’s first realization of 8K UHD live TV broadcasting and 8K TV broadcasting under 5G network, with more than 30 outdoor public screens in nine cities across the country, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, etc., carrying out simultaneous The broadcast was synchronized on more than 30 outdoor public screens in nine cities across China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

In July 2021, the Tokyo Olympics opened, and CCTV and Tencent Sports and FTSE all dispatched UHD broadcasting trucks to bring 8K UHD broadcasting to the general audience, and real-time direct impact on the sports field.

In October 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the State Administration of Radio and Television, and CCTV jointly issued the “Notice on the Launch of the “100 Cities and 1,000 Screens” Ultra HD Video Landing Promotion Activity”, which is based on the idea of “Lighting up 100 Cities and 1,000 Screens”. Under the theme of “Lighting up 100 Cities and Thousands of Screens, Dazzling Ultra HD Vision”, it supports conditional cities to set up ultra HD public screens to present Chinese culture and enhance the penetration of the ultra HD video industry through the exhibition and broadcasting of high-quality ultra HD 4K/8K content.

On December 31, 2021, the 8K UHD pilot channel of Beijing Radio and Television (BRT) Winter Olympics Documentary was launched, which will provide solid technical support for the all-round coverage of the Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics. At the same time, it was announced at the press conference of the Fifth Session of the Beijing Municipal People’s Congress that the first set of 5G+8K OB van has been developed and put into use in China, which will provide the public with high-quality off-site viewing services for the Winter Olympics.

On January 6, 2022, the six departments again jointly issued the “100 cities and 1,000 screens” activity implementation guide, to promote the acceleration of the landing of pilot demonstration projects, outdoor screen construction rate and utilization rate will be further enhanced. Coupled with the rise of outdoor creative displays such as naked eye 3D, 8K technology is expected to be more widely used in outdoor scenes, providing new opportunities for UHD displays.

From 2021 to 2022, the LED display industry is “5G + 8K” “100 cities and thousands of screens” and other hot words around, the time, place and people, a variety of favorable factors continue to emerge, outdoor UHD display ushered in the golden period has become the industry consensus.

Highly adapted to outdoor UHD display


Kinglight has created a diversified product layout for the LED display application market. The Raptor series for outdoor display is designed to strengthen the performance advantages according to the characteristics of different scenarios to meet the differentiated needs of users. Among them, 1515 and 1212 are suitable for outdoor ultra-high-definition display needs, and are favored by the industry for their excellent performance advantages.

Seeing the big with the “small”.

1、8K ultra-high definition, easy to realize

As we all know, to achieve a more detailed picture quality of ultra-high definition resolution, per square meter of the screen pixel points doubled, the number of lamp beads used also increased simultaneously. P4.8 point pitch outdoor screen, for example, each square meter of the screen is 43402 pixels, while the clarity of the doubled P2.0 outdoor screen is 250,000 pixels per square meter, the number of lamp beads used to increase by nearly 6 times. Similarly, the theoretical pixel points of 8K screen is 4 times the 4K screen, the number of lamp beads used will be more. Under this premise, the smaller the lamp bead size, the more pixel points can be realized in the same area of the screen. Raptor 1515 and 1212 is one of the smallest size outdoor lamp beads that can be produced in the current LED market, which can realize more pixels in the same area and easily meet the demand of outdoor 5G+8K UHD display.

2, although the lamp beads are small, the brightness has increased or decreased

The use of high-performance, high-brightness reverse polarity red light, blue and green using large-size gold electrode chip, with matte glue, to ensure the appearance of matte consistency based on product brightness increased by 10%; product application brightness can reach 12000nit or so.

3, process support, stable and reliable

Encapsulated chip to increase the PV coating process protection, can enhance the chip corrosion resistance, while effectively reducing the chip metal migration problems, increase the display outdoor use of weather resistance, to avoid the client due to the lamp bead moisture infiltration caused by the failure of the return to repair.

Different by All

In order to meet the needs of clients for different pitch applications, Kinglight not only brings 1515 and 1212, but also launches three series of differentiated product design solutions for different application requirements, which can be flexibly adapted to various scenarios:

The above 3 series of products support all kinds of warranty, application brightness and high contrast (B version) program customization, not only to meet the brightness needs of outdoor ultra-high-definition display, but also by virtue of ultra-high contrast, the whole screen background color is highly uniform, to bring the audience the ultimate visual feast.

At present, the growing demand for intelligent and entertaining development of the city and the change of life pattern in the post epidemic era have created opportunities for outdoor UHD displays. With superior performance and multiple differentiated customization, Kinglight’s outdoor Raptor 1515/1212 will help the outdoor UHD industry chain develop faster and better.