Kinglight XR Series & 1515RGBW LEDs for Virtual Production
Optronics Industry | 2024-05-15

With the continuous development of LED technology, there are more and more LED displays being used for virtual production. Behind the popularity of LED virtual production, high quality LEDs designed for virtual production contribute the utmost. They ensure vivid display of realistic background, which is the foundation of virtual production. Let’s explore more about the topic from the development of film production, to the technical requirement over LEDs for virtual production, and take a look at Kinglight XR series and 1515RGBW LEDs for virtual production.

LED virtual production


The Development of Film Production


Film production has a long history and can be categorized into three different stages, from the most traditional real scene reproduction, to green screen shooting combined with post-editing, to the rise of LED displays being applied for virtual production. We witnessed an extraordinary development of film production. Now LED displays are becoming more and more popular for virtual production, due to their superb color reproduction performance and impeccable image qualities. They bring profound impact to film production industry.

development of film production


Cases of LED Virtual Production


Nowadays, LED displays have been widely used in virtual production industry due to their unique advantages, such as Unilumin’s Supreme Studio, Absen’s virtual studio in Florida, AOTO’s Toei Virtual Studio, Leyard’s Malanshan Virtual Studio, INFiLED’s Beijing Xinertai Studio, etc.

LED virtual production


Global Market Value of LED Virtual Production


LED virtual production is a hot topic in film production industry. This is also reflected in the growth of the market value of LED virtual production. According to the statistics of Hangjiannet.com, in 2021, the global market value of virtual production reached approximately more than 700 million RMB; subsequently, it has shown a trend of increasing year by year. In 2023, it exceeded 1.5 billion RMB. It’s obvious that there’s huge possibilities in the market of LED virtual production.

market value of LED virtual production

Market value of LED virtual production by hangjianet.com (unit: 100 million RMB)


Technical Requirement for LED Virtual Production


So, what is the technical requirement if we want to realize virtual production with an LED display? What features should an LED bear to achieve the performance? Let’s see the details.


  1. High Color Reproduction

LEDs should comply with the DCI-P3 color gamut standard for high color reproduction performance, which ensure realistic color display of the objects appear in the virtual scene.


  1. Impeccable Display Consistency

Display consistency is another requirement for LED virtual production. LEDs usually utilize ultimate matte black designs to achieve it.


  1. Ultra High Brightness

Ultra-high brightness is another factor the ensures LED virtual production with better highlight effects and contrast between light and dark parts of the images.


  1. Ultra Wide Viewing Angle

Ultra-wide viewing angle is also an element for consistent display while shooting images from different angles of the screen.


  1. High Color Rendering Index

High color rendering index (CRI) is another indispensable factor for LED virtual production. While the CRI value of sunlight reaches 100, an RGBW LED can reach 90. The higher the color rendering index of an LED, the higher performance for color reproduction.


Kinglight XR Series & 1515RGBW LEDs for Virtual Production


In order to meet the rapid growth of LED virtual production market demand, Kinglight has launched the XR series and 1515RGBW LEDs.

Kinglight XR Series1 & 1515RGBW LED

Kinglight XR Series & 1515RGBW LEDs


The XR series includes the 1212-XR and the 1415-XR LEDs, which are suitable for the construction of P1.8 and P2.6 virtual production LED displays.


Kinglight 1515RGBW LED, with an additional white light source, is an advancement of traditional RGB LED. It has a CRI value of 90 for greatly improved color reproduction performance. In addition, it also offers various advantages for virtual production LED displays. Let’s see the details.


  1. Additional White Light Source for CRI 90


As mentioned before, Kinglight 1515RGBW LED achieves a high color rendering index of 90 by introducing an additional white light source.

LED virtual production - CRI comparison

As we see from the above image, traditional RGB LEDs (on the left) with CRI among 30-50 produce images in much darker colors; Kinglight 1515RGBW LEDs with 90 CRI, reproduces more natural and vivid colors of red apples and orange oranges. Kinglight 1515RGBW LED has absolute advantages in terms of color saturation and contrast between light and dark, allowing more realistic display of virtual production.


  1. Smaller Size for Fine Pitch Display


Kinglight 1515RGBW LED measures only 1.5*1.5mm, much smaller than the commonly seen 5050RGBW LED ( for P10 LED display) and 2727RGBW LED (for P5.9 LED display) on the market. This means much smaller pixel pitches for the display. It’s suitable for P1.9-P3.9 LED display,  which excel in resolution and image details.


  1. High Brightness & Low Power Consumption


Kinglight 1515RGBW LED can achieve full screen brightness up to 5000nit and can be widely used in the construction of various LED sky screens.


  1. Ultra High Contrast Ratio


Kinglight 1515RGBW LED adopts the ultimate black design, which comprehensively reduces the impact of white light rubber surface, increases the contrast by 30%, and easily presents excellent image depth and details.


Kinglight 1515RGBW LED

Kinglight 1515RGBW LED being lit and its image quality