Kinglight KS Series LEDs – Flagship Versions with 5 Years Warranty (I)
Optronics Industry | 2024-05-28

Stability and durability have always been a crucial element during the design and manufacturing of LED displays, since we need to invest too much for purchasing an LED display and maintenance in daily use may become annoying if the LED display doesn’t operated stably. As LED displays are more integrated into our daily living, the demand for more stable and durable LED displays are increasing. Taking this new trend into consideration, Kinglight has launched the KS series LEDs (for displays) , which are flagship versions of common types of LEDs. These LEDs are developed for superior quality and tested with improved long-term operation stability. Based on their impeccable stability, these LEDs provide 5 years warranty and are your perfect choice for making high reliable LED displays with an ultra long service life. So what are Kinglight KS series LEDs and why they can provide such long time warranty? Let’s take a close look at these flahship verion of Kinglight LEDs.

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Kinglight KS Series – Flagship Version LEDs for High-end LED Displays


In fact, it’s easy to distinguish Kinglight KS series LEDs from other common versions. The LEDs have “KS” in their production IDs. Currently, Kinglight KS series has the 1820-KS3, 1820-KS3B, 2727-KS4 and 3535-KS4 LEDs. You can quickly find them on the first page of the “Fixed Installation Display” category, or you can also type in “KS” at the search bar while reading an LED product page.

Kinglight KS Series LEDs

Kinglight KS Series LEDs


Among them, 1820-KS3 and 1820-KS3B have the same size and are suitable for building LED screens with pixel pitch between 2.66 mm and 3.91 mm. 1820-KS3B adopts an full black frame design with increased contrast ratio than 1820-KS3 LED; on the other hand, 1820-KS3 is more dedicated for much higher brightness. While it has a brightness of 7,000 nits, the 1820-KS3B has only 4,000 nits. an ultra-high luminous brightness of 7000 nits. Due to their different features and performances, they’re quite complementary for different application scenarios.


The 2727-KS4 and 3535-KS4 are suitable for building P4-P8 and P6-P10 fixed LED screens respectively, and are more suitable for outdoor scenes with long viewing distances and extremely high screen brightness requirements.


Why Kinglight KS Series LEDs provide 5 years warranty


On the market, most manufacturers provide only one or two years warranty for their LED products. So why Kinglight KS series LEDs provide 5 years long warranty?


KS series, as Kinglight flagship LEDs, utilize high-quality raw materials in their making, including the LED chips, gold wires, their frames, and glue to secure and seal the components, to ensure the overall quality. Thus, Kinglight KS series LEDs has strong reliability and stability in long time operation, being tested. Let’s see the details why Kinglight KS series LEDs excel in long term reliability.


  1. Large LED Chip


Kinglight KS series LEDs all use large-size chips from top brands. While ensuring quality, they also use gold electrodes to make their conductivity more stable.


  1. Thick 99.99% Gold Wire


Kinglight KS series LEDs all use thick 99.99% gold wires to connect internal components, making the electrical connection more stable; the gold wires and chips are designed to be more closely integrated; the backup line process is used to further reduce the risk of LED failure.


  1. Pure Copper Frame


Kinglight KS series LEDs’ frames are all made of pure copper base material, which has good heat dissipation efficiency and can effectively extend the service life of the LED. In addition, imported PPA are applied on these LEDs to effectively improve the sealing and mechanical strength of the frames, and has better anti-aging properties.


  1. High Quality Imported Packaging Glue


Kinglight KS series LEDs use imported packaging glue to further enhance the sealing performance of the LED, thereby improving the high temperature and ultraviolet resistance, and further improving the anti-aging performance of the LED.


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